Leo 2017 Horoscope

With Uranus still in a positive aspect to your Sun until 2019, this will bring you lots of new and surprise opportunities. With Saturn still in Sagittarius, this should ease up some of the heaviness that you may have been feeling for the last few years. 

Career and money
Everything connected with your finances can begin to improve this year. You may have been struggling over the past two to three years either having too much work or not enough work. This period is coming to a close and your efforts will start to pay off for you during the coming three year period. 

You’ll have the opportunity to take on more responsibilities in your work and you may be changing positions within your current company or moving to another work situation altogether. Your confidence will receive a boost and this will lead to more possibilities for a raise and for more recognition. If you work on commission or you receive bonuses, this could be a bumper year for you.

Financially, it’s likely to be a good year for you. You will feel as though you are moving in a positive direction even though your finances may be somewhat erratic. If you work for yourself, make sure you put away extra money when it is coming in for the leaner times when it may be thin on the ground for short periods. 

If you want to do something speculative, you can be very successful this year. Just make sure you don’t become over-confident because that could make you careless and you could lose your gains just as easily.

The best time for your career and your business activities is from March 11th to May 17th. 

The most important business decisions that could positively impact your career are from August 31st to October 10th. 

You will be magnetic and charming this year which bodes very well for all your relationships. People will want to be around you and you will be popular.

Your friendships can blossom this year. You can draw to you the kinds of relationships you have always dreamed of. You’ll have the opportunity to make new friends and also to have some pleasurable times with many of your existing friends.

If you are single and looking for love, this is the year for you. In fact, be careful about jumping into the first one that comes along. The aspects favour several possibilities this year, so keep all your options open!

If you are not married and you want to be in a committed relationship, you could receive a marriage proposal this year. If you are in a committed relationship, this is a good year to have children or to create a business together.

Socially this is a great year for you. Opportunities to meet new and exciting people are all around you. Make sure you get out and about to make the most of them. 

Your best times for love and romance are between February 19th until April 17th,  May 31st to June 30th and from October 11th to December 18th. 

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  1. pprerna singh

    Thank you so much barbara,i aam from india and i have many questions in my mind but i don’t have much money for your fee…better i’ll ask next time,but thanks for making vedio on you tube,feeling positive now 🙂

  2. Manisha Sharma

    Thank you so much I m from India looking forward to this year wish all your predictions come true and i find peace and happiness. God bless You for being so kind as to share this via video and article as well covering all aspects. Thank you so much feeling a lot positive after reading it. 🙂

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