Libra 2017 Horoscope

Uranus is still opposite your Sun bringing surprises and awakenings for you this year. It’s important for you to learn how to be flexible and to go with the flow. If you can do this, 2017 can be a wonderful year. You will have opportunities for growth in your career and your finances can blossom. 

Career and Money
Are you loving your work? If not, this is the year where things could fall apart in order for you to start to focus on your passion and to do what you love. This is a good time to make changes as soon as you can so that you can take your career onto a new level. The aspects are pushing you out of your comfort zone and urging you to find something that sets your heart alight. 

If you are not happy working where you are, start looking for something else. Don’t just grin and bear it, be proactive. This is a wonderful time to change your career and to move into a direction that lines up with your talents and desires. 

If you are already in a job you like or you work for yourself, you’ve got very favourable aspects for growth and prosperity this year. 

Your income should be quite good  unless your contract or job ends suddenly or you lose some important clients. If you produce consistently good work and you work hard, your aspects show you will be successful. 

If you are thinking about doing anything speculative, this could  be a good year, but you must do your due diligence and do not take big risks. If you keep within your means and you don’t take out any debt, you can do very well.

The best time for business activities and start-ups is from January 31st to March 15th and again from September 12th to November 11th. 

The most important time for business decisions affecting your career and your finances is from August 13th until October 5th.  This can be a time of recognition and the fruition of all your hard work.


Your aspects show that you will be popular and in demand this year and people will want to be around you. This is a good time to re evaluate what you want in all your relationships. Is there a balance of give and take? What needs to be adjusted, if anything? Some quite time in self-reflection will be very beneficial to you this year. 

If you’re in a relationship or friendship that is not nourishing, don’t settle for it any more. Make a clear decision that you deserve more and you are willing to do whatever it takes to feel nurtured and cared for in all your relationships. 

You will have the opportunity to meet new partners, so make sure you have done the homework so that you can attract the right person into your life. 

If you are already in a relationship, it’s time for honesty, for clearing up any miscommunications and for starting anew. You can inject passion and romance into your relationship if you stop holding onto the past. 

Good times for love and romance are from January 19th to March 3rd, May 31st to June 19th and again from October 14th to December 12th 

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