Taurus 2017 Horoscope

Pluto is in a positive aspect to your Sun until 2024 and Neptune is in a favourable aspect until 2026. These are fortunate aspects for you in the long run and they will enable you to positively transform all life areas. 

Career and Money
Your career can be very successful this year, especially if you are doing what you truly love. The energy of your inspiration and your passion will be felt and you will attract customers and money. 

This is a good year to put into place good routines with respect to the way you use your time.  You are building for the long-term and you need to pace yourself and live within the boundaries you have set for yourself. You will have an opportunity to etch out a new career for yourself, a new business and to create that security for the future that you desire.

Try to reduce your outgoings as much as you can, and your income looks more and more favourable as the year progresses. 

It’s a good year for buying or selling a property or land, and for renovating or doing some major repairs. This is also an excellent time for doing estate planning, retirement planning and anything that has the potential to increase your security for the future.

This year looks promising financially as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and your innate creative energy. Think about ways in which you can work smarter rather than harder. People will be attracted to you and your ideas and will want to do business with you.

Your best times for your work and business is from November 1st until December 19th. 

Important career and financial decisions are most likely between February 28th and April 30th. 

Relationships and Love
You are under favourable aspects for romance and for friendships this year.  Work friends can become personal friends. You might partake in social activities connected with your work or business.

There is some good news in your home or family situation. A child may be conceived or born, there could be an announcement of an upcoming marriage.

If you are single and looking to get into a new relationship, this is most likely after June 5th. You’ll be more popular and charismatic and people will be attracted to you. The aspects are also favourable for meeting someone overseas and having a long-distance relationship. 

Try to go into a new relationship slowly, study the person not only on their good days but on their bad days as well. Make sure you have a balanced view of the relationship and that you don’t put the person on a pedestal. If you can do this, then the latter part of this year can be very fortunate for you for getting into a long-term meaningful relationship.

Your best periods for love and romance are from January 8th until March 4th, June 13th until August 30th and from November 1st until December 5th. 

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  1. Dawn Oelrich

    Dear Lovely Barbara – thank you for your charming positive readings and forecasts. I always check in and I always learn something from your videos. Thank you so much and best wishes for the coming year.

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