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  1. Rita

    Hello Barbara, I just came across your video fir Aries. It was so enlightening.
    I obviously am an Aries born April 3. I am able to relate to much of what you discussed in your video however I’m feeling overwhelmed by all these full moons and planets going retrograde. I feel as though I need to make a big chance in my life however I am stagnant I’m not clear in my direction. Any suggestions?? Thank you in advance. Your video was definetly very helpful with specific dates and times..

  2. Nancy

    Hello Barbara,
    as a woman of 62, soon to be 63 on April 12,
    I must say that your new look is very attractive.

    I too refuse to die my hair anymore and have the grey/white sidelights look.
    I get so many more compliments “au naturel”.

    Keep up the positive light! and Thank you for your wonderful videos on YOUTUBE, I am learning each month.
    Nancy from West Chester, PA

  3. Patsy

    Hi Barbara, just watched your video for Aries….. It has helped….I can feel changes coming, have done for a while…finically but ESPECIALLY ROMANTICLY….panicking slightly. I know you didn’t mention much on the romantic front but soooooo hoping these changes will be good……
    As a first timer on your website I would like to say I thought it was BRILLIANT.
    As for your hair, I don’t know you any other way. I think you look LOVELY.
    THANKS. LOVE Patsyxxxx????

  4. J

    Very well done videos, Barbara. Love them.

    My natal sun sign is Aries, natal rising sign is Taurus. This solar return year my rising sign is Capricorn.

    Which of your 2016 monthly videos would best generally apply to me starting on my birthday in April this year – Aries, Taurus or Capricorn ? Thank you.

  5. Gina

    Thank you so much Barbara! I love your reports!!! Soon I would love to get a personalized report from you. Also I was wondering if you had any astrology on Bernie Sanders. I live in the US and we are having quite an interesting Presidential election underway.

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