3 Responses to Scorpio 2015 – Year Ahead

  1. Lynn McDonald

    Hi Barbara, love your website and generous giving of your knowledge. I am a scorpio and, when I brought up February’s scorpio information, I get the whole year 2015.
    Thanks, Lynn

  2. Susan Hart

    I really love your honesty, your ability to give even while you are going through your own hard times. I would love to become an astrology, but have no idea where to start. How did you start? I will for now, just enjoy your website. Sue

    • Barbara Goldsmith

      Thank you so much Susan. I started by going to some evening classes in my local area, I had a personal reading with an astrologer, I read lots and lots of books. You might want to look at Sakoian and Acker – An Astrologer’s Handbook, Parkers Astrology, and Isabel Hickey – Astrology, A Cosmic Science to start off. I hope this helps and I wish you the very best, Barbara

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