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Where Is Your Part of Fortune?

Where Is Your Part of Fortune by Barbara Goldsmith book cover

Your Part of Fortune can indicate your career path, your vocation, your mode and level of income, your health, your connection with the wider world, and on a deeper level, how your soul can grow to its highest expression. As it is comprised of a combination of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant, three of the most significant places in a chart, it could be said that the Part of Fortune is just as important as all three put together. There is little information about this important point as modern astrology tends to regard it as a minor part of the chart. Ancient astrologers, however, used it regularly and I hope that this book inspires you to learn more about yourself →

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The Elements – Physical and Metaphysical Astrology

The Elements book cover

This new and exciting aspect of astrology shows the true nature of a person. Overlooked by most astrologers and underplayed by the professionals, the elements dictate how a person’s temperament influences their actions, their relationships and the world in which they live.

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Moon Cycles – In Tune with Your Moon


Moon Cycles book cover

Whether you’re brand new to astrology or whether you’re very experienced, this book is an invaluable guide keeping you up to date with the cycles of the Moon. By knowing where the transiting New Moon and Full Moon fall in your chart, you will be able to channel your energy more productively and accomplish what you want. So if it’s your finances, your work or your relationships, you’ll find optimal times for making important decisions.

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