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Money, the Economy, post COVID: What does the astrology say? Transcript of video

Money, the Economy, Post COVID – what does the astrology show? 14th May 2020 | Live stream 17:00 GMT; 19:00 CET; 13:00 EST; 10:00 PT   Regarding the situation with the dog, Bracha does not want to have the dog put down. It’s a difficult situation with the neighbours who are the owners of the dog and they have not sorted out the situation with the dog barking at night. Bracha would like the dog to be re-homed to a more suitable family.   Beginning: In our economy, there is a large Ponzi scheme, there are 6 central banks who are running the show. These banks print money out of thin air therefore there is little value to it. Interest →

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Pluto Saturn Conjunction 2020

PLUTO / SATURN CONJUNCTION January 12th 2020 I have had a lot of messages and comments from people who have been feeling quite concerned about some of the aspects that have been talked about in the astrological community, especially the Saturn Pluto conjunction coming up at the beginning of 2020. For those of you who were born in 1982 – 83 and 1947- 48, you will have a Saturn Pluto conjunction in your natal chart.  This is extremely powerful. Our world is more connected than ever. Our systems of government, the economy, health, education, are all in the process of huge change. What astrology can show us is a roadmap to guide us through the cycle we are coming into →

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Pleiadian Channeling – The 7 Chambers of the Heart

Each chamber relates to a different part of the body. There are 7 chambers of the heart. As the soul progresses, the chambers open more fully. Does each chamber have a spiritual significance unto itself? Can you describe that for each chamber as to what it is? The FIRST chamber is about love. Loving unconditionally. No matter what someone looks like, whether they are limping, whether they are strong, whether they are weak. A black person or a white person, or someone who has a kind of deficiency that you see in your eyes. When you look outside of your world you are always seeing something that is not all right with you. Most people do not see everything as →

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