Channeled Readings

More and more people are asking for channeling either as a part of their astrology reading, or on its own. As the feedback has been so positive, I am now offering personal channeling sessions. What can this cover? Just about anything! Your relationships, your career path, your finances, your spiritual direction, wider questions about our planet, our earth, the direction of humanity…

My rates are the same as those for astrology readings.

If this is the kind of consultation you choose, I go into trance and bring in the Pleaidians who then answer your questions directly. They also add their own comments.


So 'over the moon’ appreciative that you and the Pleaidians are bringing this work forward and sharing it with me. They were on fire and I felt so empowered afterwards.

BJ, New Jersey

I am experiencing so many benefits from my channeling session with the P’s.Every area of my life has improved immensely. That’s why I just booked my next consultation!

NS, Denmark

I am so thankful for their wise words and for the way that I always feel uplifted after a session with you. Just what I needed. Thank you.

MJR, Toronto

Your channeling is so valuable to me, always making me feel so much better, and giving me answers to difficult questions. That’s why I keep coming back for more!

LJ, England

Don’t know how far in advance you’re booking and I could speak to you every week I love it so much!

SRF, Florida

Today Barbara was that 'something'! And it sure was 'something'! She and her lovely Pleaidians gave me solid, practical and profound insights about necessary professional next steps. I am so grateful to them for their joyful encouragement and feel their higher energies are accompanying me while I share my knowledge to the world. Thank you all again.


Channeled Readings

30 minute channeled reading 
GBP £100

45 minute channeled reading
GBP £150

1 hour channeled reading
GBP £200


Member ISAR
International Society for Astrological Research, Inc.
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