Pleiadian Channeling – The 7 Chambers of the Heart

Each chamber relates to a different part of the body.

There are 7 chambers of the heart.

As the soul progresses, the chambers open more fully.

Does each chamber have a spiritual significance unto itself?

Can you describe that for each chamber as to what it is?

The FIRST chamber is about love. Loving unconditionally. No matter what someone looks like, whether they are limping, whether they are strong, whether they are weak. A black person or a white person, or someone who has a kind of deficiency that you see in your eyes. When you look outside of your world you are always seeing something that is not all right with you. Most people do not see everything as perfect as is.

This first chamber of the heart is about unconditional love. Seeing everything as completely perfect. This is where you see the perfection of being of every single soul that you meet.  

The SECOND chamber is about loving in a different way. Finding new ways of loving. Being inventive in the way that you love, not doing it in the way you have been taught, but rather doing it in a way that is unique to your soul. Each person has a unique way of loving. This is the reason why we need one another, because we love differently. We don’t love in the same way. We love in different ways. And this chamber is about discovering your unique way of loving and going into a creative mode with love.

Find inventive ways to love yourself. Love every bit of you. Whether you think you made a mistake and shouldn’t have done this or that. Be kind and gentle to yourself as you are to others.

The THIRD chamber is about loving the way you do everything. Every action that you take, everything that you do, you do it out of a loving heart. You consciously do it. For example, you say, I am going to eat in a loving way, I am going to drink in a loving way, I am going to speak in a loving way, I am going to walk in a loving way, I am going to look at everything in a loving way, I am going to hear everything in a loving way. Everything you experience and feel with your senses is done with the intention of love. That is the third chamber.

The FOURTH chamber is about loving intimacy. We are not talking about a sexual thing here. Understand the word intimacy. It is about seeing inside. Not looking outside, but rather being willing to see the inside from a beautiful place.

The FIFTH chamber is about pleasing people. Looking at the way you want to please people. This word has so many connotations. This is about working with the way you use the word please. It rules the voice area and covers the throat chakra. It is how you use words, particularly the word please and pleasing, learning how to use it constructively.

The SIXTH chamber is about cleaning up your act. Every day you need to clean yourself. Every day you need to clean your heart. You need to give it a tidy and clean up. Just like you clean your desk, you clean your toilet, you clean everything, you also clean your heart. You physically, mentally and emotionally make a point of cleansing your heart. Upon contemplating your day, see it and clean it up mentally. If you feel you didn’t do something you wanted to do, you can clear it up at the end of your day.

The SEVENTH chamber is about going to heaven. This is about praying and prayer. Humans sometimes forget that prayer is your most powerful tool. Nothing is more powerful than prayer. Prayer heals all. Prayer is peaceful. Prayer is not wanting. Prayer is being. If you live a life in prayer, you live a life of peace. You bring peace to the world, you bring peace and harmony to yourself, and those with whom you come in contact. You bring peace inside of your heart. That frequency is what changes everything. It is what gives you the alchemy to bring about magic and miracles in everyday life.

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    THANK-YOU to write very clearly all the meaning , it is the TAO ,I understand why I have a good connection with you and the PLEIADIANS MERCI MARYANNA ( MIMI)

  2. Joy

    Thank you for sharing. Could you perhaps elaborate on how to cleanse the heart, as mentioned under chamber 6?
    ‘You physically, mentally and emotionally make a point of cleansing your heart. Upon contemplating your day, see it and clean it up mentally. If you feel you didn’t do something you wanted to do, you can clear it up at the end of your day.’

    • Barbara Goldsmith

      They are asking you to contemplate your day – everything that happened – good and bad – and then to clean up
      mentally the things that you feel you didn’t do too well. So that you can start your next day fresh and clear
      and also more conscious and aware.
      I hope this helps

  3. Lisa Burnage

    Love this channelling Barbara, and the descriptions of different aspects/types of love. It has encouraged me to pray more, and visualise ‘a clean up’ every day. Thank you!

  4. Loving Earthling (Merlia)

    Thank you Barbara and the loving P’s!
    I have so many questions(!) but I don’t want to overload you Barbara, so I keep it simple. Reading the description it feels as if each heart chamber is connected to a chakra, for instance the first chamber receives the unconditional love from the source into our inner energetic system (this would be connected to the root chakra), while the seventh chamber is the way out into the source, thus connecting us to the heavens in prayer or the vibrations we generate (this would be the crown chakra). My question is, are the “heart chambers” the chakras, or are they spaces in our inner energetic system (between the root and crown chakra) as extensions of those chakras? … an analogy would be, if our entire energetic system is the physical heart, the chakras are the valves and the different “heart chambers” would mean the spaces inside where the energy/blood flows in different directions (to/from the lungs and to/from the tissues). I hope the beloved P’s can comment/complement. BIG kiss thanks.

  5. Geraldine

    Dearest Barbara
    Heartlink LIGHT and GRATITUDE Blessings
    Geraldine xxx

  6. Eleanor Moody

    For a long time I have found that doing some clearing physically, like a drawer or cupboard or my coffee table symbolically clears my mind. I have sometimes said to someone in reply to a question, “I think with my heart”, without fully understanding the implications of that remark. I understand fully now.

  7. Ineke Van Den Broek-Visser

    Dear Barbara, since I found you and the so lovely Pleiadian crowd I have a sense of recognition. We could be sisters. Your channeling of the Pleiadians in the interview with ‘Pammie’, was so wonderful, it went straight into my heart. I often give thanks to my heart at night time. I lie on my left side with my rigt hand under my ribcase/breast where I can feel my heart beat strongly. I send love and thanks to this amazing organ and I thank GodCreator/SourceEnergy for being alive. The allorgy of 7 chambers is brilliant, with the doors between them wide open. Much Love, Thank you for your amazing work. 🕊☮🕊💚

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