Capricorn 2015 - 2016

Pluto has been in your sign since 2008 and will remain there until 2024. This has the potential for great empowerment and self-transformation. Uranus is in a square aspect until 2019 which suggest sudden changes of plans and changes in relationships and in your living situation. You love to plan, but during these next few years you need to be prepared for the unexpected and be willing to adjust to new circumstances that were not part of your plan. Neptune is in favourable aspect to your Sun until 2026 which favours creativity and romance. It will take away some of the harshness of the square aspects still in play.

Career and Money
You are going through a rebuilding or a restructuring of your career. You may have been going through a difficult period, but the more you move your career into a new direction, one which you feel passionate about, the more you will see positive results from your hard work. Going through these difficult times has enabled you to see how strong you truly are and that you have great inner resources. You are capable of achieving great things. Don’t be disheartened by adversity, it will only make you stronger.

With Pluto in the picture, you may be involved in a power struggle at work, someone may try to take advantage of you and you will have to stand up for yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by anyone who may seem very powerful. If they are not acting with integrity, you must be prepared to either leave, go to court if necessary and to fight your corner for justice and truth. S

There can be sudden changes in your work e.g. a restructuring of the company you work for and they change the remit of your work or you are laid off. If you are in business for yourself, you may lose a major client which forces you to change the way you do business. Either way, you will survive these changes as long as you are willing to be flexible and if necessary to train and add new skills to your resume that will make you more marketable.

Despite all these challenges, many of you will have some positive opportunities coming your way with respect to your work and your finances especially from August 11th. It could be a new job, a promotion, a raise or new clients who want to do business with you. There could be overseas opportunities either for a project in another country or a complete relocation.

If you are doing anything speculative, be extremely cautious. Make sure you do plenty of research and due diligence before you part with your money. Your best investment will be in yourself rather than other people or companies. It would be best if you can wait until after August 11th when your finances will see an improvement.

Your best time for business and professional activities is from March 27th to May 11th and from September 23rd to November 11th.

An important time for business decisions is from August 11th until October 8th.

This year is a time of endings and also new beginnings in your relationships. Some old, established relationships will come to a close and there will be the start of new ones.

If you are single, love is in the air and it can be a romantic period for you. This is a good year to travel to romantic destinations and to meet your dream person. However, don’t be attached to making it into something committed and long term. This person may come into your life to bring about some healing and then leave again for someone else who is able to make the kind of commitment you are looking for.

Many of you will be very popular from August 11th. Your confidence will grow and you’ll be happier in your own skin. Opportunities to travel far and wide and to connect with a whole new social circle can arise.

If you are already in a relationship, this is a good time to deepen it and to solidify the bonds between you.

Whatever happens, make sure you are getting out and about. With travel, new places and new people so favourably aspected for you this year, make sure you take advantage of it. You are at a time when you can meet people you resonate with and who can become deep friends if not lovers.

Your best times for love and romance are from January 5th to January 27th, March 11th to April 13th and from October 9th to November 10th.

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33 Responses to Capricorn 2015 – 2016

  1. Diane

    Hi Barbara, I do hope that this is finally my year. Being 63 seems to be making me really think hard about things, this is going to a heavy year. I need a financial win fall – if I think it then it may happen! Thank you. You are awesome!

      • Rajesh

        Hi Barbara yoh! you have hit it spot on, I am a Capricorn Man and yes I have been laid off work due to restructure. I have to find work soon though as I have many responsibilities towards my Family. From January 2016 I have been submitting my Resume all over the Country and even out the Country and didn’t even get one response although all the jobs were for my scope of career. This is becoming a concern, could you tell me what I can expect going forward please? Thank You. Rajesh.

  2. switch

    If only I read this sooner… its so amazingohow u read some things an it feels as if it unfolds situatons that are relevant to you. but then its the how to understand what has been said an be able to put good action behind it…
    thank u

  3. Anne-Grethe

    I just came over your website and I´m looking forward do dig deeper into it 🙂
    As a Norwegian Capricorn I could easily recognize several things that was written in this horoscope….
    Thank you for sharing and have a lovely summer 🙂 🙂

  4. Kerryn

    Hi Barbara
    I am studying astrology with private tuition and thoroughly enjoy it. One thing that really inspires me in the process is your insightful personality, knowledge and wisdom.
    You are like a breath of fresh air every month and incredibly accurate.
    God bless people like you
    Kerryn x

  5. Daniela

    Dear Barbara,

    As a capricorn (17th jan 1973, 06.13 am, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) I can confirm that all of this has been very accurate and relevant to me.

    I was discarded terribly unexpected by my long term partner with whom I had a wonderful relationship ( I thought) for a couple of his romantic interests, yes multiple as I discovered!.

    That threw me into a smoking addiction which lasted a couple of months and the money that I had saved up meticulously (from my much lower than social minimum income) for when I could finally be moving to a new house blew up in smoke, lost all.

    Then in march I got news that I was selected for a house (I had been on the waiting list for 19 years) and it is a fabulous one too! Eventhough I don’t have a dime to even buy furniture and wallpaper or anything…….

    This year also brought problems with my mother and sister and I actually have had thoughts of leaving the family. It ended up that the relationship with mum smoothed out a bit but the one with my sister got worse and I have decided that I have put up with enough from her and do not want contact anymore. No idea how in heavens name that will work out with Christmas as I don’t want to upset my family and my mother is very ill…….very sad situation.

    I want to thank you for sharing this year report, I did only found it now but at least I can confirm how accurate it is! and am looking forward to next years. I hope there will be better news as my life has been a ride through the underworld. I have learned much from all the pain but I may hope that it will now finally be time for me to shine.

    With love&respect and a big thank you,

  6. Ha Nguyen

    “You are at a time when you can meet people you resonate with and who can become deep friends if not lovers”. I really need a deep friend, and hope the horoscope be accurate.

    From a Capricorn 15 Jan 1978.

    Best regards,

    Ha Nguyen

  7. faith

    Thanks dear Barbara for your effort .. I’m 61 now and I have problems in my relationship with my children. I wish you include family matters in your forecast if you don’t mind.

  8. Kathy

    Hi Barbara:
    I have Cancer at 29 degrees in the 7th house. I have read that this is considered the “millionaires” degree. What is your opinion of this?

  9. Lindsay

    Hi Ma’am Barbara 🙂

    My name is Lindsay Capurcos.
    I am an 18 year old girl from Manila, Taguig, Philippines 🙂
    Thank you very much for your sharing Ma’am Barbara

  10. Rachael

    I feel spmething has to change! This capricorn is tired of the trials! While I have gaines wisdom… I have lost patience… Ha ha… I am gaining it back. But having lost most of it… This is the pitts! I just want love, to finally let mw seep, amd not cause me grief. God Bless…

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