Capricorn 2017 January 2017 Horoscope

With Pluto in your sign since 2008, many of you have gone through some life-changing experiences. As it will be there until 2024, you can expect more great transformations in your life. Uranus is square to Pluto which can bring about surprising changes in relationships and in your career. The more flexible you can be, the easier this aspect will be for you in all life areas. You can make plans, but just keep in mind that you may have to adapt and change those plans as circumstances around you fluctuate.  

Career and Money
This year could bring about a total restructuring of your career, your work, the way you use your time. If you can focus on what you truly love and put all your energy into that, your career will begin to take off.  Although you may encounter some challenges along the way, listen carefully to your intuitive voice which will guide you in the best direction. 

You may decide to change your career direction completely, you may go on a course of intense study to widen your skill set, or you may decide to set up your own business. Whichever you choose, as long as you are feeling passionate about it, success is within your grasp this year. 

You will have some positive opportunities coming your way with respect to your work and your finances especially from June 10th.  It could be a new job, a promotion, a raise or new clients who want to do business with you. There could be overseas opportunities either for a consulting position in another country or a complete relocation.

If you are doing anything speculative, be extremely careful. Make sure you do plenty of research and due diligence before you part with your money. Your best investment will be in yourself rather than other people or companies. 

Your best time for business and professional activities is from April 17th until May 29th and again from November 2nd to December 15th. 

An important time for business decisions is from June 10th to July 30th. 

Your relationships are likely to go through some transformations this coming year. Some will come to an end, others will need to be redefined, while some new people will also come into your life. 

If you are single, love is in the air and it can be a favourable year for you. Not everyone you meet is material for a committed relationship, so go slowly and don’t give your heart fully until you are sure that this person fits your emotional needs. This is a great time to meet someone from overseas and to start a long-distance liaison. 

From June 10th, your aspects are making you very popular. You’ll feel more confident and ready to make new connections. There is a possibility of some long distance travel and an opening for a whole new social circle to develop. Keep your options open!

If you are already in a relationship, this is a good time to deepen it and to find out ways in which you can become even more closely connected. 

Your best times for love and romance are from January 19th to March 1st, from June 17th to July 30th and again from November 1st to December 27th. 

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