Leo 2015 -2016

With Uranus in a favourable aspect to your Sun until 2019, this will bring you lots of new and unexpected opportunities. With Saturn leaving Scorpio and going into a Fire sign like you, this should ease up some of the heaviness that you may have been feeling for the last few years. Jupiter is in your sign until August 11th when many fortunate possibilities continue to open up for you if you are willing to go outside your comfort zone and to try something new. Neptune and Pluto are still in an inconjunct aspect to your sign which means that there are still adjustments to be made but everything is going to turn out much better than you expect. Venus, planet of love and money goes retrograde in your sign between June 5th and October 8th which adds an extra touch of good fortune.

Career and money
Some of the challenges you have been having with respect to your career are going to dissipate and everything connected with your finances can begin to improve. You may have been struggling over the past two to three years either having too much work or not enough work. This period is coming to a close and your efforts will start to pay off for you during the coming three year period. When Scorpio goes back into Scorpio briefly from June to September you may have another brief period of exceptionally hard work, but it will be over quickly and the hardest part is now behind you.

You’ll have the opportunity to take on more responsibilities in your work and you may be changing positions within your current company or moving to another company altogether. This will bring excitement and new challenges your way which will make you feel more alive. Your confidence will receive a boost and this will lead to more possibilities for a raise and an increase of income. If you work on commission or you receive bonuses, this could be a bumper year for you.

You’ll be doing new things, possibly studying something new that can expand your career and your efforts will be appreciated.

Financially, it’s likely to be a better year than 2014. You will feel as though you are moving in a positive direction even though your finances may be somewhat erratic. If you work for yourself, make sure you put away extra money when it is coming in for the leaner times when it may be thin on the ground.

If you want to do something speculative, you can be very successful this year. Just make sure you don’t become over-confident because that could make you careless and you could lose your gains just as easily.

This can be an excellent year for you.

The best time for your career and your business activities is from February 11th to March 31st.

The most important business decisions that could positively impact your career are from August 11th to September 27th. This could be a time when you are publicly recognised and when you receive a boost to your earnings.

This is a wonderful year for your relationships because you will be magnetic and charming and people will notice you. You’ll be in demand and people will want to be around you and in your energy field.

Your friendships will blossom this year. With your popularity at an all-time high, you can draw to you the kinds of relationships you have always wanted. You’ll have the opportunity to make new friends and also to have some pleasurable times with many of your existing friends.

If you are single and looking for love, this is the year for you. In fact, be careful about jumping into the first one that comes along. The aspects favour several possibilities this year, so keep your options open!

If you are not married and you want to be in a committed relationship, you could receive a marriage proposal this year. If you are in a committed relationship, this is a good year to have children or to create a business together.

Socially this is a great year for you. It is good for foreign travel, especially long-distance trips. If you feel drawn to study something in an exotic place, make a big effort to go because you could meet the love of your life right there.

Make the most of this year because astrologically it is extremely favourable for you.

Your best times for love and romance are between February 11th and March 17th, June 5th to July 19th, July 31st to October 10th and the last 2 days of the year.

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25 Responses to Leo 2015 -2016

  1. Patricia Kirchen

    Thank you for the Leo overview, it has been a challanging past few years and looking forward to joy and peace and love. Your words are priceless. Thank you again!

  2. Sandy

    Thank you for the insight I will be 60 on Aug. 11Th really hoping this year will be my best in a long where as the past few have been trying to say the least.

  3. mefza

    i was tired as to where my destiny is leading me.for the past two years bundles of ups and downs.now reading your leo forecat i am overwhelmed that for sure future is holding something bright for me.thank you

  4. Abhishek

    I remember the last time Jupiter was in Leo in 2002 and I was in the best of health and finances. Everything seems to fall in place for me. But the last few years have been daunting, particularly 2013. Hope this time Jupiter brings my life back on track.

  5. nick sceusa

    Sorry to hear of your break up with an old friend. I think that a sudden break may have been more merciful. This also happened to me. Then I found out the fellow had died, and could not have gone through a prolonged and polite distancing. You never know if they may suddenly drop into your lap again, or that you find that there were circumstances that impelled you to the separation. Love is a strange thing.
    Keep a stiff upper lip, and the pounds will just roll in. Congratulations on your new location. If you keep this up, you will wind up in New York.


  6. Mani

    Hi Barb,
    I keep reading that this is the most promising year for me but I lack the enthusiasm to do much.I plan and can see visualise myself doing a lot but when it comes to action, procrastinate!

  7. Jessie

    I like your point of view for Leo this year I really wish that this year is more better tthan last year it’s been tough for me many of my lovers leave me behind but im still hoping the best will come for my me soon lots of love and luck to you too

  8. Branda

    The past few years have been so difficult that it is hard to believe there will be good times ahead…Though I am waiting for it desperately, I am equally worried about not seeing those good times…Never the less your article comes as a new ray of hope….Thank you for this one !!

  9. Nieves

    thanks a lot
    love your videos
    im from 19 th of august 1979 ascendent Leo also …
    experimenting many changes this year
    want to ask you for some help ¡¡¡
    much love

  10. sherry

    Hi Barbara
    I would like to say this horoscope seems incredibly positive, more so because the past 5 years have been incredibly grueling, upsetting and negative for me in every single aspect possible, be it career(near ruins), personality (depressed), relationship (falling apart), success (missing), I am almost scared to hope again as it seems too good to be true. I have been following horroscopes past few years now and 2014-2015 had a very positive horroscope as well (what with Jupiter entering my sign) but personally it was the shittiest year of my life. I hope some of this year’s positive predictions do come true…..as life is getting chronically depressing at this stage.

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