Paintings with the Pleaidians

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My painting career began in 2015 when I reached a very low point in my life. The painful break-up of a long relationship, a move of country, feeling lost, alone and sad, triggered a search for something more than just working, eating, sleeping and going through the motions of being alive.

To my surprise, I found I had an ability to channel, not only spoken messages, but also art.

It all started on the eve of my birthday when I didn’t know if anyone would remember it and I decided I’d buy some paint and a very small canvas and have a go at painting something for myself as a birthday present to me.

Nervously, I sat down, thinking I really should look on Google and find out the correct way of using acrylic paints. But something inside told me not to look and just to trust my instincts. Before I knew it, I had a lovely painting in front of me, one which many friends have told me is quite beautiful.

Thus began my new venture into becoming an artist as well as an astrologer.

Keep in mind, that never before, had I ever picked up a paintbrush. Mainly because I went to a specialist music school and every spare moment was spent practising my violin or the piano, so there was no time for any other creative endeavour.

The process of the channelling with the Pleaidians is great fun, and if you are interested, you can see a video of the process.

Each painting is different and can have a soothing and healing influence.

I can attest to that. One night, in pain, physically and emotionally, I put one of my paintings behind me at night. In the morning I woke up miraculously healed.

I was told that these paintings have the ability to heal many people. Some may be commissioned specially for a person, others may be in hospitals, schools, prisons, galleries, businesses, homes, and any place where peace and harmony is desired.

They have told me that the colours represent different frequencies which are very soothing for the mind, emotions and body.

The circles are drawn specifically in one direction or another. They are very precise about this. Sometimes it is anticlockwise, sometimes clockwise.

The circles represent planets, universes, galaxies, the cells of our bodies, cycles, and love, in that it is circular in nature and goes round and round.

Here are some testimonials from recent clients:

I wish you could have seen my excitement and smile, when I picked your package last Friday. 

I love, love, love the colors, I feel so much positiveness coming from them! 

I've been moving the paintings around the house, wherever I stay. Every single time, when I look at them, they bring me a smile and warm heart. Thank you!

BJ, London, England

My painting is brilliant at helping me when I am really out of sorts. It has a  very  strong centering effect on me. I focus on it and wow what a difference.

DS, Sydney, Australia

Today the picture arrived. I am thrilled with it! You have a true Talent Barbara. It's utterly beautiful  and I love it.

GS, Los Angeles, CA, USA

It makes a wonderful, special, personalised gift.

If you are interested, please email: and Barbara will give you some options to choose from.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOUR OWN PAINTINGespecially created for you, why not commission Barbara to paint something unique that matches your vibration?


All she needs is your Date of Birth and your Full Name, and she will channel a magical, healing, beautiful piece of art for you. It will inspire, heal and uplift you. 


18cm x 24cm (7 in x 9 in)
plus shipping 

30cm x 40 cm (12 in x 16 in)
USD$220.00 plus shipping 

60cm x 80cm (23 in x 30 in)
USD$320.00 plus shipping 

Other sizes are available upon request

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