I found Barbara "by chance" on Youtube and decided to watch her astrology prediction for this coming year. I was amazed by her wisdom and positive prediction style - with information that was easy to understand and apply. I've sent links of her videos to many friends, and purchased my full Astrology chart and her video/text called Part of Fortune.

So, I decided to have a reading because I'm in a state of transition in my life - it was amazing! She focused on my specific questions and highlighted relevant events in my chart. Part of the reading was also channeled by the P's - and being an intuitive, it was so enjoyable and immensely helpful for me in my decision making! Barbara is living out her Mastery and soul purpose by presenting wisdom with a truly caring heart! Her information is evolutionary and therefore helping us to make choices for our own soul path for the New Age. I will be a repeat customer! Thank you, Barbara!

– Denise F, USA

I LOVE my painting!!! The painting is WAY bigger then I was expecting too! Bonus!!  I have been taking it all around the house with me, haha! Wherever I go, the painting goes too.    

Thank you, Barbara, and thank you Pleiadians, I'm so happy to have this painting of "me"!! This is something I will keep for my entire life. It's very special to me. 

– PG, Fl, USA

I've been keeping up with your astrology videos for over a year now and I can't thank you enough for them.  Most of the time the accuracy is spot on, but that is not why I wanted send you a message.  Your cheer in your videos always makes me feel loved, welcome, and as if anything is possible.  It is a true delight to watch your videos.  Thank you for what you do.

J. L. Texas, USA

I just wanted to give you gratitude and thanks for your reading which I got just about a year ago. Also wanted to give you confirmation of your skill. You were of course right on. Good luck in all your ventures !

T. E., USA

Hi Barbara! Just wanted to add my voice to the throng who say how enjoyable your horoscopes are! Aside from how well thought out they are, you have such a bright and energetic delivery that I listen to several different signs other than my own, ha. Many thanks for doing what you do! You are a pleasure to listen to!

K. E., USA.

Thank you for the recording - I liked the reading very much. I liked how you delivered it; it was clear and "to the point", and I also find it extremely practical and useful. Your services will be highly recommended.

Pavle M, Croatia

Barbara's predictions are very accurate. All her predictions for me for 2011 have come true. I find myself falling back on her when I have a major decision to make regarding all areas of my life; my personal relationship, finances and my creative self. I consider her my Mentor.

Aku-Sika B, Rome, Italy

I appreciate all the insight and advice you given me these past 19 months.  You are like the all-knowing friend to whom I can turn for answers and recommendations.  Thank goodness for the mastery you have on your craft.

Pearl P, Thailand

Thank you for the wonderful reading of my chart. I have just replayed our discussion and discovered even more useful insights and much needed guidance for the next 12 months. How fortunate that I discovered you last week. You are a skilled and talented astrologer and so obviously care about those who consult with you. Thank you again for the reading.

Jackie H, UK

Just want to say you are by far the best astrologer to listen to. I always feel happy and excited when I have listened to you. And many things you say come true.

Nina S, Sweden

I was totally blown away at the incredible indepth level and helpfulness of the insights that Barbara revealed to me during our session. Her eloquent, down to earth and extremely practical guidance was truly exceptional. Barbara is world class and superbly thorough and knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!

Marianne Edelmann, International Business Coach, Christchurch, NZ

I very much feel like letting you know how things developed in the meantime since our phone call. Hopefully you remember me and how I contacted you in April because I was very desperate and very unhappy about my relationship with my boyfriend. You did help me so much with your reading and your advice on how to cope with the situation. At that point I really believe that you saved me from despairing. I thank you so much for your very quick response and very heartfelt consultation.

Michaela C, Germany

Again thank you for a truly wonderful retreat. For me it was so inspirational to witness the powerful effect the weekend's activities had on every one of us. Everyone was enabled to contribute in their own unique way and there was not a person there who did not experience significant personal growth as a result of embracing the learning opportunities we created together with your initiative and guidance. All of us took significant steps on our spiritual paths; both as a result of embracing new ideas, and by finding in the group energy the strength to start the process of moving on from aspects in our lives that may have been holding us back on our journeys. All our minds were on a similar wavelength, our intent as individuals was pure; and as a result I felt my vibration was greatly raised. I could really feel the power and potential of the group to grow and learn together.

Melanie Jane, Christchurch, NZ

Thank you, dear Barbara, for our session together which accomplished a thousand things. I think one of the most valuable things that a reading can do is to confirm our own deepest intuition about ourselves and our life. Throughout our time together, everything in me was saying Yes, yes, yes. It's as though (in the light and the wisdom of the astrology chart) all the meandering streams of possibilities are gathered into a coherent and focused flow of energy. Without the benefit of this reading, I might have followed one of the lesser impulses and, in the process, lost much energy and the possibility for genuine accomplishment. I came away from the reading feeling clear and encouraged and full of expectation for what lies ahead. I know what to watch out for and what to welcome. For this gift, I thank you most sincerely.

Elizabeth Dempsey, USA

Thank you for the reading today.  I am most appreciative of the insight you offer. I prefer the honesty and directness that allows me to prepare and be aware. Too many times, people take astrology as what is going to happen. And while it can, they attach expectations around it and become unaware.  You are helping me be smarter in what I'm going through.  It also helps me make the most out of the difficult aspects vs being surprised and disappointed. Now I know what my work is and I'm arming myself with what it is I need to learn. 


I just had an astrological financial reading with Barbara Goldsmith and she was fantastic. She nailed everything I was concerned about financially - she did not sugar coat anything and just make it seem like everything was now going to be wonderful.   She was able to look at my chart and tell me exactly what work I needed to do myself in order to move forward. I feel an enormous amount of clarity, direction and confidence after speaking with her.  There were things I had thought about doing in the past but had never followed through on and she was able to bring those things back out again and give me a plan.  I will be having MANY more readings with Barbara - by the way, she is also a delight to talk to, she is so kind and has a lovely accent!


I chose to book an astrological consultation with Barbara after watching her youtube videos and I'm glad I did. Although we'd never spoken before, Barbara seemed to know just what kind of person I was. It was one of the rare times I felt that someone really understood me, such a good understanding did she have of my birth chart. I came to Barbara for concrete advice about health and money issues and I had hoped for some honest answers. Being a practical person, I appreciate Barbara's style. She was able to shed light on my situation and help me set realistic goals for the rest of the year. Barbara is compassionate, positive, and non-judgmental, but she's also a straight-shooter who can be relied upon to cut through the BS.

I'd also like to mention that I didn't have to wait long for an appointment and the mp3 recording of our session was of high sound quality. She even went out of her way to make sure I had a compatible mac version. If you're looking for sound advice and an informed perspective to your query, I can recommend Barbara Goldsmith without hesitation.

Debra C, Berlin, Germany

It was very kind of you to give me a wonderful reading. I have never ever spoken to anyone just few minutes but feel like that person has known me for 10 or 20 years like you (I even tried some astrologers and foretune-tellers before). My issues are making me nervous all the time but after the conversation with you, I felt released. I have watched all the amazing videos of you on Youtube and then decided to have a reading with you. I wished I had had more money at this time to have longer conversation with you. But I am sure I will in the near future, I hope you will be come my long life astrologer ^^. Talking with you has made me feel extra confident and gain much of my energy back again. You really know me and that is touching me a lot. I wish you all the best. I will come back soon and keep you updated.

Hi Miss Barbara,

After talking with you I mustered the courage to apply for Medical School.

I got in at age 47.  For years I have listened to others tell me my grades weren't good enough and even I doubted my abilities.

You told me I had a gift for writing and the part that got me accepted was writing about the 1st patient whose life I saved and how it changed me.

The board voted unanimously to grant me an interview and they are allowing me to start my medical training on September 2, 2015!

I can't thank you enough for giving me your insights which has led me to my calling.

Deepest Gratitude,



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