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Ask ONE question for USD$25.00 and receive an answer by email of up to 150 words within 7 days or sooner.

Please note, this is NOT a computerized report. It is prepared for you by Barbara and is based on your personal astrology chart.

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Here are some examples of good questions to ask the astrologer:

  • Where do my talents lie?
  • What career would best suit me?
  • I’m thinking of becoming a day trader – will I be successful?
  • Do I have aspects that show that I am lucky?
  • When will my finances improve?
  • Is this a good time for me to start my own business?
  • Is this a good time to move?
  • I’ve been on my own for so many years now – am I ever going to meet someone?
  • My boyfriend just dumped me for another woman – will I get him back?
  • Am I destined to spend the rest of my life alone, or will I find a partner?
  • I’ve just met someone and I feel as though I am in love with them – will this be a long-lasting relationship?
  • I don’t know whether to leave my marriage or whether to have an affair and stay in my marriage. What do my aspects show?
  • When is a good time for me to sign a business contract?
  • What are good dates for me to get married?
  • My brother-in-law wants me to invest in his company. He said he will make me a junior partner. Shall I do it?
  • My husband died 6 months ago and my sons and daughter in law want me to sell my house and move in with them. Should I do it?
  • I’ve always wanted to be self-employed, but my partner wants me to have a job with a regular paycheck. Should I take a chance and start my own business anyway?
  • I want to be in a committed relationship – but all my relationships don’t seem to last. Will I ever be in a committed relationship?
  • My daughter gave birth last month and she wants to go back to work. She wants me to take care of her new baby. I’ve already raised 5 of my own children – should I be taking this one on too?
  • Nothing has gone right for me for the last couple of years – when will things improve?
  • I graduated over 2 years ago and I cannot seem to find a job in my field. Should I keep on looking or should I go back to school and train for something else?
  • My husband was paying my school tuition and he just walked out on me last week and said he won’t pay for my schooling any more. I have one more year to go – does it look like I’ll get the money to finish?
  • I’ve always enjoyed singing and the arts – could I make this into a successful career? 
  • I’ve just written a book – am I going to get published?


Pick ONE question for USD$25.00 and I will answer it in an email of up to 150 words.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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