Ask the Astrologer

Ask ONE question for GBP £25.00 and receive an answer by email of up to 150 words within 14 days.

Please note, this is NOT a computerized report. It is prepared for you by Barbara and is based on your personal astrology chart.

Here are some examples of good questions to ask the astrologer:

  • Where do my talents lie?
  • What career would best suit me?
  • Am I under good aspects for meeting someone?
  • I would like to become a day trader. Does my chart show that I would be a successful gambler?
  • Do I have aspects that show that I am lucky?
  • When will my finances improve?
  • Is this a good time for me to start my own business?
  • Is this a good time to move?
  • I don’t know whether to leave my marriage or whether to have an affair and stay in my marriage. What do my aspects show?
  • When is a good time for me to sign a business contract?
  • What are good dates for me to get married?
  • Does my chart show that I would do well being self employed?
  • Nothing has gone right for me for the last couple of years – do my aspects show that things improve?

Pick ONE question for GBP25.00 and I will answer it in an email of up to 150 words.

Once you have paid through PayPal you will automatically be redirected in order to ask your question.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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