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Pisces Full Moon – Trust Your Instincts

On September 8th / 9th, we have a beautiful, mystical Pisces Full Moon at 16 degrees.   Two weeks ago, we had a New Moon in Virgo which was all about getting down to business, ticking things off your list, and being practical and productive. Pisces is just the opposite. This Full Moon in Pisces gives you the opportunity to take time out from your busy schedule and go inward.   There are times when the planets are pushing us out there, especially the Fire and Air signs, but Pisces is a Water sign. Allow things to come to you.       Some of the greatest inventions were achieved when inventors were daydreaming.  Einstein was reportedly dreaming that he →

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Jupiter into Leo – How can you benefit?

Jupiter, planet of good fortune, abundance and prosperity, goes into Leo on July 17th 2014 until August 12th 2015.

This is very favourable as it will be making a beneficial trine aspect with Uranus in Aries bringing sudden, unexpected events and surprises. This is especially highlighted during the months of September 2014 and March and June of 2015 when this trine becomes exact.

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Jupiter goes into Leo, July 17th

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Jupiter into Leo for all the signs

This is a great year for romance, to meet your soul mate. If you are already in a relationship, you may be discussing marriage or getting more committed. You might decide to have a baby. This is a good year to start a business that is in entertainment, or anything connected with children or games. You will have an opportunity to go on a big trip of a lifetime. This is a year to take risks, to trust your intuition, to think BIG. With the favourable trine to Uranus, you could have a huge breakthrough and achieve sudden success in your field.

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Full Moon in Leo on Valentine’s Day

Full Moon in Leo – Time to Enjoy!

It’s a Good Time to:

  • Celebrate, play, have a party
  • Do something really fun
  • Plan an evening of games or go out dancing
  • You might want to have a little flutter on the horses or on the lottery as Leo does rule gambling and speculation – just don’t take it seriously, see it as a bit of lighthearted fun

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Astrology Predictions for 2014-2015

With the Cardinal Climax still very active this year, I am anticipating 2014 to be a year of sudden and powerful changes both globally and personally. The Cardinal Climax began in 2008 which was the beginning is perhaps one of the most significant astrological configurations that will ever affect us in our lifetime.

As we can see, there have been huge world changes since then.

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