Gemini 2017 Horoscope

Uranus is still in a favourable aspect to your sign until 2019. This brings you new opportunities, surprising breakthroughs, a positive social life and exciting new ideas and possibilities. With Neptune still square to your Sun until 2026, it is more vital than ever before to be honest, up-front and direct in all your dealings with other people. Make sure you stand up for what is important to you and that you don’t back down for the sake of a peaceful life or in order not to rock the boat.  Career and Money You may take on increased responsibilities in your work. It’s a time to stretch yourself and not to stay within your comfort zone. This is a great year →

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Gemini Full Moon December 2016 – Reason to Smile

On December 13th / 14th, we have a Full Moon at 22 degrees and 25 minutes of Gemini. GEMINI reminds us that nothing is fixed, you can change, you can adapt, you can create whatever you want if you are willing to look at your life from a new perspective.  Gemini shows us that it’s not worth getting stuck on something that’s not working e.g. a relationship, finding a particular type of job, but that there’s a whole world out there waiting for us, and if one thing isn’t happening, why not try something else? The Sun is conjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius at the time of this Full Moon bringing out the contrast between rigidity and flexibility. Wherever it →

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