New Seminar! Introduction to the Basics of Astrology

The Taster Seminar about the basics of astrology was sold out.

You can still get the Highlights!

Solar System AstrologyWe’ll take a tour around the Signs, the Planets and the Houses. We all know our Sun signs, and many of you will know your Moon sign and your Ascendant.

But how do they all fit together? What does your chart show about your innate talents and gifts? What are your challenges? What motivates you? We’ll examine ways of synthesizing the main aspects in your chart.

You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the people in your life.This will be a dynamic, exciting and interactive seminar.

We’re going to have so much fun exploring the magic of astrology together!

For those of you who come in person, the cost includes Barbara looking at your chart in advance examining the way your Sun, Moon and Ascendant work and also taking a peek at the eclipses happening in September and how they may impact your life!!

Astrology Signs Circle

For those of you who cannot attend in person, you’ll be able to join live online, or you can get the seminar highlights afterwards via email. As soon as you have made the payment for the live seminar, Barbara will email you for your birth details.



Seminar Highlights: GBP £5.00

A whole new era began on March 20th with the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 29 degrees and 27 minutes. The last time we had a similar occurrence was way back in 1662.

Comet moving passing planet earthThe next series of eclipses are particularly significant, not only  personally, but for our planet.

Knowing where these eclipses fall in your chart and being aware of the possible scenarios unfolding on our planet is invaluable information for navigating our rapidly changing world. Barbara will cover the 2015 eclipses in detail and the important aspects taking us into 2020 and beyond.

This seminar will be accessible both to beginners and more experienced astrologers.

Whoever you are, wherever you live, these eclipses will affect you personally and all of us globally.

This workshop will give you a heads up as to how to deal with these eclipses in your personal life.
  • Where do they fall in your chart?
  • Which planets are they making aspects to?
  • Which life areas will be triggered?
  • How can you best prepare yourself emotionally, mentally and physically?

SeminarHotelThese eclipses, and many other aspects which will be discussed in the workshop, give us a unique opportunity to bring about the changes in our own lives and in the world around us that we want to see.

Come and join me for this wonderful opportunity to co-create, to enliven, to enrich, to make new and potent connections and of course to have lots of fun!!

I look forward to meeting you in person or online!

The Eclipse Seminar on June 20th was sold out. It went very well and the most wonderful people attended. Here are some of their comments:

Your passion, energy, enthusiasm and caring nature, bathed everyone who was present, it was a pleasure to be part of it.


Thank you for a great and informative seminar, i very much enjoyed meeting you and the other travellers on this path and look forward to those paths joining once again in September.


I really love how diverse the group was. That was fantastic. And there was such a great energy in the room. I learned a lot too. Really great really enjoyed that.


I really love how diverse the group was. That was fantastic. And there was such a great energy in the room. I learned a lot too. Really great really enjoyed that.


It was really lovely to meet you and I’m blown away by all I’d picked up on the day. With my limited knowledge regarding astrology, I could have felt quite dwarfed by most of the participants expertise on the subject.

But I was instantly put at ease by your calm and welcoming manner. Step by step I was taken through interpretations laid out before me, in a way that encouraged me to want to learn more going forward. The enthusiasm in the room made me feel that I was taking part in a spectacular awakening!

Things that I’d pondered on for a long time that didn’t always make sense, suddenly fitted into place and explained so much.

In short.....I am very grateful for the experience and would love to come to another seminar. Your enthusiasm/persona are infectious and truly admirable.


Purchase Seminar Highlights from June 20th Seminar – only GBP £5.00 for 7 videos!


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