Reach for the Stars


Piano Solos composed and played by Barbara Goldsmith

Track playing: Sun Sign Fantasy 

  • Princess of the Galaxy
  • Moonlight Dreams
  • Starburst
  • Blessings from Heaven
  • Neptune’s Kingdom
  • Mysteries of the Universe
  • Above the Horizon
  • Jupiter’s Fortune
  • Cycles of Change
  • Night Sky Serenade
  • The Venus Principle
  • When Planets Collide
  • The Age of Aquarius
  • Sun Sign Fantasy

Barbara Goldsmith, concert pianist and composer, has written and composed piano solos about the Astrological Star Signs and the Planets.
Every sign and every planet carries its own special musical vibration. Barbara tunes into the vibrations around a person and composes musical pieces that are uplifting and inspiring.


Member ISAR
International Society for Astrological Research, Inc.
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