Pisces 2017 Horoscope

Pisces 2017 Horoscope Neptune is still in your sign which means that you mustn’t give up on your dreams. As it will be in your sign until 2026, this can be a very creative and inspiring time for you. Pluto is also making a favourable aspect to your Sun until 2024 giving you the opportunity to find your own inner power and strength. Career and Money The aspects are favourable for your career this year, especially if you are focusing upon an area that you truly enjoy. If you are doing something that is a drudgery for you and you find it hard to concentrate, this would be a good year to look into other possibilities and begin to move →

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Pisces 2015 – 2016

What’s in store for Pisces for 2014-2015?

Neptune is in your sign for another 9 years. This is very important for you as all your natural creative abilities will come to the fore. Saturn ends its 3 year journey in the favourable trine aspect to your Sun at the end of 2014, so you still benefit from its calming and organising influence.

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