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  1. Saurabh

    Hi Barbara,

    Thank you so much for providing insights into the August month. I know that you always use astrology in a positive spirit. Even if something is not going to be good, I have noticed that you highlight more of the positive sides of it and suggest in your forecasts the areas where people should focus more to get positive results rather than highlighting the negative aspects of that period. I really appreciate that, honestly.

    However, I am getting a sense of fear form the lunar eclipse that you’ve explained about, happening on 18th of August in Capricorn’s 2nd house of money. It feels like Capricorns are going to have a hard time with the money aspect during the next eclipse period, which is for six months until the mid of Feb 2017.

    I’m not sure if I am correct, but just thought of mentioning what I could decipher from the message.


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