19 Responses to Aries August Horoscope 2015

  1. Rada

    Dear Barbara,
    thank you so much for guiding us, revealing the help or the warning of the stars, connecting us to the higher and wiser energy! It’s of a great help for us, under the Vault of Heaven!
    Thank you!

  2. Jorunn

    Hello from Norway, Barbara!
    Thank you for your precise and easy to understand monthly reports! I just love your simpel way of explaining. Life is easier to live for me with your very good way to point out and make me think the best way.
    All the best to you! Jorunn Ness Rørvik

  3. Alecs

    Thank you Barbara, you’ve just described my dreams and desires in my Aries forecast for the month of August, one by one. Your contagious, uplifting energy inspires me to keep the faith! Looking forward to your seminar too. With love, Alecs x

  4. Debbie

    Fantastic month ahead and a fab video as always by you Barbara. Very inspiring and uplifting I must say. Will take note of the money side ahead of September.

    Blessings to you lovely lady and always look forward to your monthly videos.

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