2 Responses to Bernie Sanders – Next US President?

  1. Oeishik

    The only way real change will happen is if Hillary and Bernie run together. Wonder what the charts would say about a Clinton/Sanders vs. Trump scenario. Sanders as VP.

  2. Shelly

    Hi Barbara,

    Realistically, I do NOT see any political leader changing the collective malaise in the US. The country has experienced a loss of confidence in banking, corporate corruption, layoffs, etc. These problems are so deeply imbedded, that as Noam Chompsky says, activism like we say in the ’60’s driving awareness will ultimately drive these changes. Watch Requieum of the American Dream. Totally on point. Lastly, the country is in a spiritual crisis because of this, faith and confidence lost. We need to support each other, embrace one another and STOP playing the “me first” narrative script. This IS the only way.

    Congress and the lobbyist incest has to stop too. This is one of the root problems.

    Thanks for a great video as always.

    San Francisco, CA

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