6 Responses to Brexit – UK in or out of Europe 23rd June Referendum

  1. Karin

    2 more days to go and we will see what the voet is. I must say that you have a very clear way to show us were the UK stands right now in its European endeavor. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this Brexit poll.

  2. Mhandeep Mariya Rubtsova

    HEllo Barbara, I am watching your videos since while and I love the way you interpret and explane the all planet aspects and their meaning. Thank you very much for this forecast (it is positive for me!) about UK Brexit today. I am your great fan and hope to be your student one day soon. Meantime I will continue look at all your presentations on youtube and here. Thanks again!
    Warm regards
    Mahandeep Mariya

  3. Lucinda

    I am speechless and was so surprised at the outcome of the Leave voting results. Do you think you can or it is my guess you are already at work on another video with regard to the results of of the 23rd in more detail and what lies ahead?

    • Barbara Goldsmith

      Hi Lucinda! I was surprised as well! I will put it on my To Do list, but to be quite honest, I am snowed under with videos that really have to get done……….the monthlies, the moon videos, channeling etc……thank you for your request and I will do my best

  4. Reginald from Holland

    Dearest Barbara,
    What an outcome: a BREXIT not a remain as so many were expecting.
    It even surprised me following the articles in different newspapers.
    But a Brexit suits me very fine. Maybe in the long run people all over the world will realize that it kept the European continent from turning into a dictatorial ruled part of the world. “Brussels” medling in every bit of daily life!!!
    Or as mr Junker put it: a trade treaty always goes before democracy!!!
    That expression should have been a warning to us all! But got lost in the upheaval of the Brexit. But in fact “Brussels” is used by head of states and ministers as an excuse to do something or not in, anything really which they can’t get through their own parliament. “No” Brussels said so. And many people believe this is so.
    But the main thing “Brussels” is doing is facilitating a congress hall and many interpreters and many typists. At a very costly price mind you.
    The most undemocratic part is the European Committee, a totally redundant institute. The European voter has no influence here whatsoever.
    So i am not shocked at all. That were only people who are afraid of losing power (and a nice income). On the other hand a BREXIT (vote) is of course no excuse for a raid against foreigners in Britain as we could all see in the news. Appaling behavior of a young man towards a gentleman from Poland working in London i believe.
    Structures are coming apart are they not? All those “leaders” in Britain who were running about as chicken without a head (a Dutch proverb). Because none had a plan B ready. There can be no second referendum as some (mainly in the London area) hope; there was enough information available. But if you are to lazy or to indifferent to look for it; well pay the dues.
    And i feel something has changed as from 1sty July, but do not know what; personally or in general? I personally have the feeling i need not be afraid for what is coming in the next months. So i keep on breathing and go about my daily routine.
    Wishing all of of you wherever you are stay calm and serene.

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