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  1. Heidi Campbell

    Thank you, Barbara! It is always so helpful to watch your videos ahead of the month your are covering so I can prepare for what I need to work on and be patient with. It’s amazing how accurate your readings are! Thank you for all of your hard work.

  2. Lucinda

    Hi Barbara! I have been following you for quite some time… I think you were in real estate in England when I found you? Love your videos and have shared them with friends who are great fans as well.

    I am 59 as well have been feeling this momentum since last December and it was then I had given pink slips to those family members who have used me as a door mat for the last time!

    On the 1st of March, I settled into my new nest in which I downsized DRAMATICALLY to point of loading up a dumpster at my previous residence and said good bye! I opened my doors and let my neighbors and all those just walk thru and take what they wanted! I wanted freedom so badly that I gave everything away. I have no regrets and have not looked back once.
    I feel fresh, I feel new, I feel liberated and free!

    Next is my hair and yours is an inspiration to me! I love silver, it’s shiny and it’s time to show it off!

    I love you much!

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