10 Responses to Gemini 2016 – 2017

  1. Maria-Rute Matias Alves Reis

    Hi Barbara, I’m so grateful and thankful
    You’re an awesome wonderful loving being
    Thank you for your true and honest advice, for explaining clearly to the rest of us who tries to understand the intrinsic meaning of the Energy affecting our lives. I can’t help but be amazed by the complexity of All There Is. What a Design , What a Marvelous Creator of All There IS and which we are part of. I Love You Dear God, Goddess, All There IS
    I’m Grateful to you Barbara for sharing your knowledge
    I’m Grateful for your Guidance
    I’m Grateful that I crossed your Path
    Thank you dear Barbara

  2. Pam

    Barbara,I need to have knee replacement surgery on both knees,which is elective surgery.You said,”No elective surgery during Mar’s retrograde”.What is your advice time wise to plan the surgery’s. Thanks Barbara.

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