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  1. Cheryl

    I’m not sure what call my house are called such as the 7th house of relationships. If you can name all the names of the houses during your videos it would be helpful for me. For as I am fairly new 2 astrology. I am a Libra. Thank you

  2. Carol Diack

    Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for your amazing forecasts…you really are a breath of fresh air…so detailed and you make me expect good things. By the way…I love your new hair…you look wonderful and so renewed and young. blessings.

  3. Abra

    Hi Barbara,
    I think you look younger! As a Libra myself, it is difficult saying no to others. Learning that lesson at 48 is still a challenge. Thank you for your monthly insights.


  4. Lisa

    Dear Barbara, thanks so much for all your insightful forecasts, they are always so accurate and positive even during the more challenging periods. As many people have commented already , you do look great! I love the hair and it does make you look more youthful. Take care, from a fellow Libran.

  5. Gia Lili

    Hi Barbara, I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy listening to your forecasts, and how amazingly accurate most of what you shared in this forecast was for me personally! I only came across it yesterday! (15th April 2016) 🙂
    I have already noticed my new enthusiasm for sharing more on Social Media. In fact several weeks ago, I registered for attending training courses to enhance my ability to reach out to a wider audience – I’m still new to networking and marketing through Social Media, so this corresponds very well with what you said about learning new things, and renewed efforts regarding communication 🙂
    The funny thing is, all of this is already happening, and at the time of writing this, Mars hasn’t even gone into Retrograde yet! 🙂
    I’ll be sure to schedule in more time for rest and play, as with Mercury going into Rx at the end of the month, I know I’m going to be VERY busy at work!
    Thank you once again for sharing your invalauble nsights through the powerful lens of Astrology.

    Sending You Many Blessings for a Beautiful Day

    Gia Lili

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