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  1. Sherri Mckeon

    Your hair is fab. Just think small stud earrings would be a bit more feminine, and a bit of shine on your lips too, not color, just shine, “glow”. But what do i know?

  2. "Lady" Diane

    I never wrote to you before, Barbara, but I am so grateful for your videos, explanations, and most of all, your joy of giving! Your exuberance for teaching all of us that we can make it through the ups and downs of life is totally inspiring. I really admire your expertise in astrology, and since I know a bit about it, too, I can relate it directly to current situations. My boyfriend is Piscean and he is planning to: go back home during the Mercury retro, to go over old stuff and to move in here with me, 1300 miles away! And he (and I) are very flexible, so the delays, etc. are okay! Also, maybe I’ll get his photos from old pc backed up during that time. Spot on, Barbara! I truly appreciate you and all that you share, including of course, your personal life… that is the “new” way to teach, I believe the only way, really. You connect with people as a person, not just an astrology website! Thank you, blessings to you, with Love.

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