Aquarius Full Moon August 18th 2016

On August 18th, we have a Full Moon that is almost a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius at 25 degrees. It’s heralding the eclipse season which officially starts on September 1st with the Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Expect some BIG CHANGES! 
Aquarius is all about BEING YOURSELF!! Not only is the Sun in Aquarius, but it is trine to Uranus and the Moon is sextile to Uranus making this an extra-special time to awaken, to see the world differently and to stop worrying what others think.

In my last newsletter, I asked you whether you would prefer the channeling videos to be on a separate channel to the astrology ones. The overwhelming vote was to keep everything TOGETHER.
For those of you who voted for a SEPARATE channel, I have created a separate playlist for the channeling videos.  
Thank you to so many of you for responding and for giving your feedback.

One client’s words aptly reflected the vibration of Aquarius which I’d like to share here with you:  

Aquarius Full Moon August 18th 2016‘Each of us has a message to deliver, by means of EXACTLY who we are.
If we change that message to accommodate other people then:
1. the message will no longer be delivered accurately
2. it will no longer reach all the people it is supposed to reach
3.we won’t be fulfilled, as we would be functioning in a way that is not consistent with who we are.
4. We would be half-living for those who don’t need us, instead of living fully and giving fully to those who do.’


 ”Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Aquarius Full Moon August 18th 2016Aquarius is all about freedom, independence and liberty.

For me, I HATE WEARING A BRA!!! It’s the first thing that comes off the moment I walk through the door to my home.

What societal expectations are you conforming to that make you feel uncomfortable? For example, I’m getting very comfortable with leaving my body ‘as is,’ and not keeping on shaving, colouring, hiding parts of me. What a relief!

“And the body sings, let me be free; let me show you what I can do. Let me show you a physical power beyond age and limitation.”
James Blacker, Author

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.”
Friedrich Nietzche

Aquarius Full Moon August 18th 2016Don’t allow yourself believe that something you’d like in your life is impossible to have. FEAR stops everything. Fear makes you small, makes you contract and hide. This Full Moon wants you to step beyond your fears, and to allow yourself to shine in your individual, special way. No one can be you! It’s time to come out of hiding and allow yourself to shine. With the Sun in Leo, you are being encouraged to be a little crazy, to do something differently, to become the NEW YOU, without shackles and restrictions.

Aquarius Full Moon August 18th 2016With so much Uranian energy in the mix, SURPRISES are in store!!

Neptune is square to Saturn, sometimes causing issues with water. My hot water boiler suddenly sprang a leak covering my entire bathroom with boiling hot water. Luckily, I managed to turn the mains off and the plumber arrived shortly afterwards.

Perhaps it’s a new romance, a change encounter, a business idea with masses of potential that suddenly starts to move forward. You begin to meet ‘just the right people’ to move everything forward.

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