Buy Low Sell High - Gold Going Up - Grand Cross Coming

Buy low, sell high – Gold going up and Grand Cross coming

Gold has dropped in price over recent months while many stock markets have posted all-time highs. What’s going on? Vast amounts of money have been pumped into the system, the media wants us to believe that we are out of a global recession and people are beginning to believe them! Investors are looking for yields on their money as interest rates are at almost zero in most western countries and they are turning to the stock markets for leverage on their funds. How long is this pattern likely to continue?

Judging by the astrological aspects, we are at a turning point. We’ve had all the positive effects of the Grand Trine and also the Star of David but they are now waning and instead oppositions and squares are being triggered which indicate much harder times ahead. Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus are making a powerful T-square, which indicates that things are going to get shaken up. Everything will become even more erratic and making money as a trader during these next 8 months will be a very difficult task.

The most important addition to this T-square is that between now and next spring, a Grand Cross is going to be activated. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will transit through Libra which is the final cardinal sign in this intense line-up of planets.

The opposition of Pluto and Jupiter happens every 13-14 years. We are now entering  the peak of this powerful cycle. It all started with the conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter in December 2007. This was the start of the collapse of the financial system which resulted in the failure of sub-prime markets, the recession, interest rates going to zero, and of course, the banks managed to save themselves. But savers, people who depended on some interest on their money were completely annihilated.

I have said all along that gold will go up in price. This is a temporary down which is a great buying time. Nothing ever goes up in a straight line and gold is no exception to this, but with these upcoming aspects, I am more convinced than ever, that precious metals will increase in price exponentially over the next months and years ahead.

Right now, with gold at around USD$1300.00 per ounce, it looks very cheap. You will look back on this in the not too distant future and say to yourself, boy, gold was so inexpensive then, why didn’t I buy some? If you cannot afford to buy gold, then get a little silver which is very affordable at about USD$20.00 per ounce. Remember not to buy stocks or paper certificates. Make sure you buy the actual gold and silver coins that you can hold in your hand.

Be careful about leaving any amount of money in a bank because laws are in the making that could make it difficult for you to get your money out, let alone any interest on it. This is going to apply to small savers as well as those with large amount of money to protect. In the EU, there is a proposal on the table allowing customers to withdraw a maximum of maybe 100 Euros a day in case of a bank failure. This could last for up to a month! Largely unnoticed by the public at large, the EU is pushing forward laws in the event of a banking collapse. The writing is on the wall. Make sure you have some gold and/or silver in case you need it to survive on during these erratic times ahead. People often say to me, you can’t eat gold. And of course they are right. But gold and silver are negotiable. You have something tangible that you can sell if times get rough. If you have paper money, the value can drop to zero overnight and you can be left with nothing at all. Be prepared. Better to be a year early than a day late.


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  1. Brooke Prairie

    Listening to you, I am tempted to go out and buy some gold…I have always relied on 401K investments and banks, as well as having an insurance policy. Do you truly believe these kinds of vehicles are going to be obsolete?

    • Barbara Goldsmith

      Everything is very uncertain. The banks, insurance companies and pension funds could continue for a while to come. However, it is good to have some physical gold bullion as well just in case everything goes belly up. Nothing much has fundamentally changed since the financial crisis of 2008.

  2. JCH

    Hi Barbara,
    Australia is said to have faired well during the economic crisis’s, will we continue to stay fairly secure during this period? We seem to get very mixed information about just how well our country is doing.
    Kind regards JCH

    • Barbara Goldsmith

      Hi JCH, the world is very connected. If there is another crisis in the US and / or Europe, I would think that Australia would be affected. There is so much uncertainty now and with the likelihood of sudden and unexpected events, I would still put money into physical precious metals.

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