Cancer Full Moon, January 12th | Finding LOVE

On January 12th, we have a Full Moon in Cancer at 22 degrees. This is especially powerful because it forms a Cardinal Cross in the heavens. 
Cancer Full Moon, January 12th | Finding LOVEThe Moon is strong in Cancer. It’s important to take care of your need for nourishment and nurturing. Are you eating well? Are you sleeping well? Do you feel loved? Are you loving yourself? What can you do to feel safe and secure? These are all issues that may come to the surface. 
Opposite the Moon is the Sun in Capricorn in a wide conjunction to Pluto. This is reminding you that you cannot stay at home in your comfort zone forever. There’s a time to nest and a time to fly. What new structures do you need to put in place for the New Year? How would you like to organise your time? Do you have a plan? What are your New Year resolutions?
Cancer Full Moon, January 12th | Finding LOVEThe best part of this Full Moon is the fact that Uranus is opposite to Jupiter, which is known as the ‘Thank the Lord’ aspect. 
This aspect gives you the opportunity for sudden success, windfalls, a release of tension, fated encounters, and massive breakthroughs. 
In 2017, we may see massive advances in medicine, technology, science, engineering, space travel, our understanding of ET’s and a general awakening of consciousness on our planet. 
It was exact on December 27th, 2016, and will be again on March 7th and again on September 27th 2017. This means that this energy is with us throughout 2017 giving you an opportunity to take your life onto a whole new and exciting level. 
Cancer Full Moon, January 12th | Finding LOVEWhere does it fall in your chart? Which houses of life experience will be triggered? It might be your finances, your relationships, your career, your health, your home and family. Whichever area it blesses, you may experience a huge change in your fortune. 
This aspect gives you the opportunity to make great progress in a very short space of time. It’s can bring spontaneous remission of a life-threatening disease, a change in your financial luck, sudden recognition and fame, just about anything that has a magical and inspirational twist. 
Cancer Full Moon, January 12th | Finding LOVEIf you’ve been having trouble finding a partner, your soul-mate or twin flame, this could be the year you find that special person. If you haven’t been clear about your direction in life, this is the time when you could be catapulted into something completely new and exciting. 
The key phrase to remember is:

This aspect is encouraging you to believe in miracles and magic!

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