Full Moon in Scorpio May 17th, 2011

It’s a very psychic, powerful time and you may find yourself having dramas play out around you. It could be your own dramas or it could be other peoples. Expect extreme emotions and behaviours and be ready to face your fears and try to welcome any changes. The intensity of this Full Moon in Scorpio which is very passionate and emotional may cause explosions in your relationships, especially those that have got into a rut or are not nourishing any more. Although the emotions may be intense for a few days, try to become aware of them so that you are in a position to respond rather than react. If a situation arises that you hadn’t expected, allow yourself to feel the emotions.  Anything in your life that is no longer serving you has to go. This is a time of regeneration and rebirth.

Scorpio gives you the opportunity to examine a situation in your life that really needs to change. Maybe you have been unwilling to look at a toxic relationship or a job situation that is no longer working for you. Perhaps you need to give in your notice and start your own business that you have been meaning to do for a long time. Maybe you need to let go of a lover or a friend, or you might be prepared to look at the relationship anew and fire it up with passion once again.

Scorpio demands depth and fearlessness and you must be ready to be brutally honest. If your goals require a change of direction, this is the time to successfully tackle any fears you have that could impede your ability to fully embrace change. With this Full Moon it’s time to see things as they truly are, not as you would like them to be. You can turn over a new leaf by releasing any negative energies and inviting positive and uplifting experiences into your life.

This Moon highlights your creativity. It’s a good time for writers, artists, musicians, film-makers, designers, and anyone who has a creative streak.

Good things to do during this Full Moon in Scorpio:

–        meditate and listen to your intuition

–        share your secrets with people or a person who you feel safe with

–        get in touch with your passion and go for it!

–        become aware of your own power

–        think about ways in which you use power and how you might become more independent. For example, you may wish to investigate different ways in which you can generate electricity. What if the power went down in your city or town, how would you survive?

–        make your home more green and find out how you can save energy

–        recycle things rather than throw them out

–        become aware of how you use other people’s resources – are you respectful of them?

–        do what you love, develop your unique talents and you will be much happier and more prosperous

–        take time out to be alone, turn off your phone and computer and find some inner peace

–        if you need focus and concentration for a project, this would be the time for accomplishing good results

–        clean out your limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back

–        get rid of all the things you no longer need – be ruthless, if you haven’t worn it for two years, you probably won’t wear it again so sell it, give it away or take it to a charity shop

–        connect with your own power and don’t give away your power to others

–        if you have been desiring someone sexually for a while, you may just get some satisfaction during this time

–        take charge of your finances – don’t allow others to manipulate you

–        use the intensity of this Full Moon to recharge your feelings and your passions into more creative endeavours


Things to think about:

–        what part of you have you cut yourself off from?

–        are you avoiding an unpleasant confrontation?

–        releasing any fears that have been holding you back

–        where are you being too obsessive in your life?

–        are you creating unnecessary crises in your life just to feel intensity?

–        is someone else pulling you into their dramas?

–        are you being inflexible? Where do you need to let go?

Where does this Full Moon fall in your chart? For me, it’s in my fourth house of home and family. I am going to be moving soon, so I have to assess honestly what I need and what I really need to let go of. Scorpio demands that you only take what is really necessary and let go of your old things that no longer serve you. It’s a lesson in discernment and in letting go, but it can be very liberating as you learn that you don’t need to take everything with you. Once something has served its purpose, you may wish to transform it, release it, sell it, recycle it or give it away. There are many permutations, but Scorpio balances out the acquisitiveness of Taurus. Taurus likes its home comforts and luxuries. Scorpio discards what is no longer useful and makes space for a whole new start.


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