How will Mars going Direct affect you?

Aries: If your partner or your work associates have been distant, expect them to be more supportive and helpful. Relationships that have been a little shaky will get back on track. Make sure you follow through with social invitations and new business contacts.  



You will be able to move forward with new and exciting changes both in your career and in your relationships. Make sure you upgrade your exercise routine and eating habits. It’s important you don’t slip back into old destructive patterns.   


Gemini: Your social life will become more active and you’ll be getting involved with lots of recreational activities. If you are planning on starting a business, this is an excellent time as the forward movement of Mars will give you momentum. If you already have your own business, there will be many opportunities coming to you.


Cancer: You’ll be putting lots of energy into your home and family. Redecorating, renovating, moving home, relocating are all going to be much easier now. If you want to sell, buy or rent, the energy is moving in your favour.


Leo: You will be more honest and direct in your communications with other people. Things that you’ve been hesitating about expressing will be heard more easily now. Social networking and connecting with people will go smoothly.


Virgo: You’ll have a strong urge to spend money impulsively, so make sure you are buying things that you really need and can afford without stress. Making financial plans for the future will be much easier, and the right people will be there to help and advise you.  


Libra: You’ll have a great energy boost and you’ll be able to move forward with confidence. Your previous hesitation and dithering will be in the past and you’ll be able to proceed more easily with new and exciting ideas. You’ll be feeling more decisive and stronger. Make sure you keep it up!


Scorpio: This is a time of spiritual awakening and personal growth. You’ll have renewed energy and it would be very fulfilling for you to get involved with some kind of community or charitable work. Anything involving the development of your psychic and healing abilities is under great aspects.


Sagittarius: Working with teams of people will be very productive and energising. Expect to make many lovely friends in the next few months. Make sure you are getting out and connecting with new kinds of people. Some can become lifelong friends.   


Capricorn: If you are self employed or in a managerial position, things will move forward at a much faster pace. If you’re not happy in your job, now is the time to make a move as the aspects are favourable for you. Make sure you are not too focused on career and that your home and family life is getting enough attention.  


Aquarius: Opportunities to travel or relocate will come your way. Set some long-term plans and take baby steps daily towards those goals. Teaching, training, coaching, learning, sharing information and networking will all bring positive results.  


Pisces: If you’ve been looking for outside funding for a project, for study, for a start-up business, this will move forward now. Avoid taking out loans and stressing yourself financially. Look for other ways to get the money you want and you will succeed.  

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