Money, the Economy, post COVID: What does the astrology say? Transcript of video

Money, the Economy, Post COVID – what does the astrology show?

14th May 2020 | Live stream 17:00 GMT; 19:00 CET; 13:00 EST; 10:00 PT


Regarding the situation with the dog, Bracha does not want to have the dog put down. It’s a difficult situation with the neighbours who are the owners of the dog and they have not sorted out the situation with the dog barking at night. Bracha would like the dog to be re-homed to a more suitable family.


Beginning: In our economy, there is a large Ponzi scheme, there are 6 central banks who are running the show. These banks print money out of thin air therefore there is little value to it. Interest rates are down to 0 or nearly and some places are in the negative.

08:01: The nodes have changed signs, the South node is in Sagittarius and it shows it is our collective responsibility for having lived over our means, living beyond our needs.

08:25: Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, has just gone retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn so there is a lot of Capricorn energy.

09:45 – Bracha explains why there is a problem with the currency and why it’s becoming worthless in layman terms.

11:14 – It’s a very dangerous game what the banks are playing at. With Sagittarius in the South node, going over the top and going to extremes. We had extremes especially since 2008 (“Credit Crunch”) when Pluto went into Capricorn, this was a time when the economy should have failed and some banks should have gone, that’s when things should have been corrected at that point. Now there is another Jupiter return in Capricorn, Pluto is still in Capricorn, you can’t solve a debt problem by creating more debt.

12:20 – Bracha sees hyperinflation in food and services and a deflation in stocks, bonds, property. How do you get rid of debt? You have to deflate everything.

13:18 – The system as it is isn’t going to survive. Uranus in Taurus, we’re in for some surprises.

14:00 – The stock markets are going up whilst millions of people have lost their jobs? How can that be? Bracha gives her viewpoint, banks bailing out big corporations whilst giving small amounts to ordinary people and wiping out the wealth of most people. That’s why Bracha has been upset and couldn’t make a video about it until today.

15:25 – There will be a downturn and debt could implode. It is possible that they could create a crypto currency but it will be another fake currency and it will collapse. We have a false economy based on false values such as greed. It’s untenable. In the long run, Bracha thinks the economy effects will be great but in the short term, the effects are going to be very uncomfortable.

16:15 – How can we prepare? What can we do?

  • Gold and silver are real commodities. With Uranus in Taurus, it looks at the tangible.
  • If you’re buying a house with cash or you’re going to take out a small debt, it’s ok but if you take out debt to buy properties, the chances are you are going to get into trouble when this downturn occurs.

Bracha states she is not financial expert, Bracha wants to look at the overall picture from astrology point of view. Bracha recommends Ray Merriman, Financial Astrologer, Mike Maloney, Egon von Greyerz.

 19:00 – We must stop living beyond our means, this is what the South node in Sagittarius indicates. Bracha recommends planting a garden in case of a food shortage; growing and exchanging between each other. Also, Uranus in Taurus is about communities and coming together. Back to basics with this Capricorn energy and South node in Sagittarius is about reigning it.

20:55 – We need an honest system, the current system is dishonest. The current system is about gambling and stock markets. Uranus in Taurus takes us back to our basics and what we really need; medicine, food etc. These areas are needed. We need to equalise the inequalities. We can’t take more from nature than what we need.

22:50 – Which industries are good? Technology, technology support, artificial intelligence, robotics, food, healthcare, cleaning products, sanitation, delivery companies, digital payments, cyber security, online education. The losers; aviation, tourism, retail, professional sports, cinemas.

Anything that you make with your hands will be valuable because the North node is in Gemini. The Gemini energy is about using your hands and dexterity.

24:58 – Uranus in Taurus likes nice things that last. Something durable. It’s a shake up to build things of quality. Coming together as communities and sharing for all of our needs.

26:35 – Wouldn’t you want something that is handmade which is made from love and it has quality?

27:02 – We, the people, need to take responsibility for the Earth, nature, the money system and the future. Uranus is about the future.

27:51 – People are adaptable and these nodes are going to show us that we must be even more adaptable.

28:40 – Things that you create with your hands rather than with machines will be far more valuable than mass produced plastic, flimsy items. Unique is the way forward.

30:13 – We’ve got to face the consequences of what’s happened. We need to detox the financial world.

30:50 – Our new world will be flooded with new inventions and new amazing things. Now we’ve got to help each other to transition. Also, we can begin to appreciate the free things all around us; nature, music, art, conversation. There are going to be other values rather than this debt and materialism. We have to move towards sustainability.

32:20 – Look at how you can be inventive with what you have or giveaway items to someone else who really needs it if you don’t,

33:20 – Be careful when you are clearing out your space, keep things which are good quality and you do need. You don’t need to buy the same item again and again. We need to learn not to take more from the Earth more than what’s we truly  need.

33:44 – “Let me take not take more than I really need”. If this becomes our motto for this Uranus in Taurus era until 2025, it will re-balance and heal very quickly. Look at nature reviving already during lockdown. Reduce the wants and focus on your needs.

35:00 –Invest in tangibles, invest in your mind, knowledge and thinking, invest in your talents, your abilities and your learning. Be ready to be a little more flexible. Offer a helping hand to one another.

36:02 – We’ve been stopped in our tracks by the virus. We have to be very careful not to go back into our old habit patterns. Question what you really need.

36:55 – Uranus in Taurus is about being aware, an awakening of what you are grateful and being in a state of gratitude all the time. Appreciating the small things, the people in your life, the community, the support, good thoughts, and good vibes, it all goes a long, positive way.

38:55 – The world of construction, energy, sustainable energy is going to change. There needs to be a fairer system rather than everything going to the 1 percent.

39:50 – Start getting ingenious about how we use our resources, our time, energy and currency. Not to be so wasteful.

41:50 – Question how wasteful you are. Don’t waste words, make them count. The North node in Gemini can be gossipy. The words are like diamonds, they can heal, they can heal frequencies. Energy healing is coming in stronger.

42:42 – Saying prayers, giving thanks, using ingenuity and your mind, speaking out, creating community, these are the directions which we are moving towards.

44:03 – Thanks, gratitude, appreciation, love and farewell. Do something soothing and loving for yourself.

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