New Moon in Libra, September 30th / October 1st - Meet your Soulmate

On September 30th / October 1st, we have a New Moon at 8 degrees Libra. 
This is an extremely positive New Moon bringing in a breath of fresh air after all the challenging eclipses and mutable energies.
New Moon in Libra, September 30th / October 1st - Meet your SoulmateVenus, Libra’s ruler is trine to Neptune in Pisces. You may attract your soul mate, find deep spiritual love and bring more romance into your life. 
The Sun and Moon are conjunct Jupiter bringing exciting new opportunities for growth, studying, and long-distance travel.
Jupiter is all about wisdom. What have you learned through the challenges you have encountered in your relationships?
What new seeds would you like to plant for some positive outcomes in your relationships at the time of this New Moon?
New Moon in Libra, September 30th / October 1st - Meet your Soulmate
Libra is about balance.
Do your relationships feel equitable? Is there enough give and take? Are the scales weighted towards giving rather than receiving?
“Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with the same person repeatedly is extraordinary.” 


As Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, and Libra is thepeople-pleaser of the zodiac, be honest with yourself: are you doing things to please others, are you giving way for a peaceful life? Is it time to create new boundaries so that your needs are also being met?
“In trying to please all, he had pleased none.” 
With Neptune in Pisces and all this Libra energy, you may be tempted to put everyone else first. 

New Moon in Libra, September 30th / October 1st - Meet your SoulmateI spent the week with a delightful Piscean friend recently, and with all my Libra planets and all her Piscean ones, we were constantly trying to please one another. Conversations went like this:

‘Would you like to prepare dinner now?’ ‘Yes, if you would.’ ‘Shall we go for a walk in the countryside?’ ‘Yes, that would be lovely, if you’d like it too.’ ‘Yes, I would.’ ‘Are you sure, we can go a bit later on if you’d prefer?’
It’s quite hilarious seeing the characteristics of the signs play out in your life. 
Libra rules beauty. Look around you’ll find it everywhere.
“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” 
“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” 

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