Jupiter into Leo – How can you benefit?

Jupiter, planet of good fortune, abundance and prosperity, goes into Leo on July 17th 2014 until August 12th 2015.

This is very favourable as it will be making a beneficial trine aspect with Uranus in Aries bringing sudden, unexpected events and surprises. This is especially highlighted during the months of September 2014 and March and June of 2015 when this trine becomes exact.

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Jupiter goes into Leo, July 17th

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Jupiter into Leo for all the signs

This is a great year for romance, to meet your soul mate. If you are already in a relationship, you may be discussing marriage or getting more committed. You might decide to have a baby. This is a good year to start a business that is in entertainment, or anything connected with children or games. You will have an opportunity to go on a big trip of a lifetime. This is a year to take risks, to trust your intuition, to think BIG. With the favourable trine to Uranus, you could have a huge breakthrough and achieve sudden success in your field.

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