Jupiter Changes Sign and Full Moon in Capricorn

This is an exciting month with Jupiter, planet of good fortune changing sign on July 17th, and a Full Moon in Capricorn at 20 degrees on July 12th. 
This Full Moon in Capricorn is practical and productive. It’s a great time to get your life organized.



Good things to do:
  • Look at how you manage your TIME. Work smarter and not harder.
  • Examine your finances and look out for bargains.
  • Take responsibility for everything: your health, work, relationships.
  • Declutter – get rid of anything you no longer need or use.
  • Make survival preparations e.g. store canned and dried goods, water, first-aid kit, electricity back-up, copies of important documents.
  • Decide to do ONE thing at a time and complete it.
  • Face anything unpleasant that you have been avoiding.  

As it’s conjunct to Pluto, something deep may come up that you need to deal with. As it’s also square to Uranus you might feel nervous about taking a new step. 


Let me share a personal example:

Whenever something breaks down or goes wrong, my knee-jerk reaction has always been to ask someone to help me. I might try to sort it out myself for a short while, but then give up if it got too hard.  


Case in point: today the pilot light on my central heating boiler suddenly went out. There are several men in the house that I can usually call on who will come and sort it out. But nonetheless I got my ladder out and I did try for a few minutes to light it myself – to no avail. So off I went to find a man. No one was home except one who said he’d come by later on.   


After waiting over an hour, I got so impatient when he didn’t show up that I decided I would persevere with it until I got the blooming thing to work. So out came the ladder again and I pressed that button so many times until finally the pilot light came on!! Yeah!!~ I did it by myself and I felt so empowered.  


I realized that I gotten into the habit of giving up much too soon without forcing myself to go beyond my comfort zone.


Is there anywhere in your life where you are giving up too soon?


This Full Moon conjunct Pluto and square to Uranus wants you to pull something new out of the hat. Don’t allow fear to stop you. It’s quite amazing what we each have inside of us that is untapped. Now is the time to unearth it. We are stronger and more capable then each of us imagine. 


Here’s the Full Moon video:

Full Moon in Capricorn, July 12th 
Full Moon in Capricorn, July 12th

The other big news this month is that Jupiter, planet of expansion, growth and learning, moves out of Cancer and into Leo on July 17th

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The Jupiter in Leo video:

Jupiter in Leo 2014-2015 - How will your luck change?
Jupiter in Leo 2014-2015 – How will your luck change?
Have a productive Full Moon on 12th July, and reward yourself with something fun on 17th July when Jupiter goes into Leo!


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