Aquarius Full Moon is a Super Moon

On August 10th, we have a Super Full Moon in Aquarius at 18 degrees. It’s extra powerful because it is so close to the earth. 

Aquarius is an interesting sign because it has two very different rulers:

Uranus and Saturn.     

Uranus looks to the future, comes up with new and off-the-wall ideas, and above all needs freedom. It’s impulsive and avant-garde.
Saturn, learns from the past, wants to structure the new ideas and make them real, which can feel limiting and constrictive. It’s careful and conservative. 


During this Full Moon in Aquarius, think about where the balance between these two energies lies in your life.

Are you too cautious and always playing it safe? 
Are you too impulsive and ungrounded? 
Are you giving up your dreams in order to please others?  


This Full Moon in Aquarius will give you an opportunity to see which area needs to come into more balance.

It might be your relationships, your finances, your career, your family. Where do you need to break out from ‘normal’ expectations that are keeping you a prisoner? What can you do differently?  


To quote Albert Einstein:  

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”


Since we are in the process of moving into the Age of Aquarius, this Full Moon could expose more of the polarities in our world. With one of Aquarius’ rulers Uranus, square to Pluto for at least another year, we are seeing more and more world unrest: 


The war in the Middle East, airplanes disappearing, earthquakes, sinkholes appearing in the unlikeliest of places, riots, demonstrations……

People want freedom, and when they have been suppressed for too long, violence and eruptions ensue.

Whatever is going on in the outer world is in some way reflected inside of us.  


Aquarius rules the internet which is all about connecting our world without boundaries and limitations. It wants us to be ONE WORLD, ONE PEOPLE, no more separation, no more wars, working together for the betterment of all. This is the true message of this Super Full Moon in Aquarius.

The video:

Aquarius Full Moon is a Super Moon
Aquarius Full Moon is a Super Moon


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  1. Michael Lynch

    Hey Barbara i have watch your astrology videos and they are awesome,i am a capricorn sun, taurus moon,virgo rising could please give sone information about my compatibility with any sighs and more stuff on my astrological

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