4 Responses to Aries 2019 – 2020 Annual Forecast

  1. Adrienne

    Spot on, Barbara. Hard 3 years. Ungrounded, electrocuted, and now back. Astrology is helping me see how powerful for good and for a drama life that being Aries Taurus cusp 29th degree is. Million thanks.

  2. Cathy Legg

    Just listened to your forecast for 2019 Barbara. You said you were aiming at a loving and uplifting tone to your message and that is exactly how it felt to me. Many thanks. Please continue your good work.

  3. Sarah Crow Wolf

    Again thank you Barbara, you are a blessing. My partner has terminal cancer. I have a lot of stress around this. I know that he will pass before this year 2019 he will cross over. I have felt it will happen in the summer. This post confirms my intuitive feeling. As he passes, I will have to find a place to live, and being on social security that has me somewhat stressed. However, this post is bringing me encouragement and confirmation regarding what is to come and how to navigate those shifts and changes. So much love and respect. Again thank you Barbara.

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