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  1. Elizabeth Berg

    Ahh how refreshing. Checking all of my families forecasts, rising signs too,(just began that! ) wow so useful, practical . As mother of grown indigos who have family of their own, Im always seeing the positives to aid my beloveds. Dear wonderful star guide Barbara, I just love your way of seeing things. Please check out my site. I receive so much wonderful insight from you. May I serve you as well? Id love to offer you a gift illustration..
    You are doing so much good in the world. Your gentle strength so authentic. hearts! *Elizabeth

  2. Debbie

    Thank you so kindly Barbara this has been very helpful in more ways and the houses which has made things more clearer of my intentions for 2016, especially this coming month. Wishing you a blessed New Year for 2016 and much love always. x

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