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  1. Lucy Jake

    I left a reply on your Pleiadian channeling but when I posted it, the page said there still wasn’t any comments, so I don’t know if you’ll be getting this one either. Still, I just wanted you to know that at this point, after watching your YouTube Astro report for my sign (Cap/Cap), then coming here to read the “About Me” section, and watching the 3 short vid clips here… I have become irrevocably enamoured by you. Please don’t think I am a weirdo, because I’m not one ( well, EVERBODY is weird in their own quirky ways …!) but I mean that as the highest of compliments. I am a hard shell to crack, but you already had me before I even came to this website, and now that I’m here, I adore you even more!! Now I know that you play the violin, that you paint your happiness into large-scale paintings, that you’re a channeler and that your exuberance and passion is not just for astrology, but for Life itself. And, apparently, for everyone you meet as well. I feel as if I have a new best friend! And you, definitely, have a new number one fan! I wish so very much Love and Light,

  2. Lorretta

    I came here to write praise and I see Lucy has so aptly stated similar thoughts. I stumbled across one of your video’s Barbara and it didn’t take long to see you’re a gem. Fantastic abilities. Thanks, Pisces/Pisces

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