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  1. Elizabeth

    I am listening for my whole family tonight . i am the cancer mother.
    I love your many forms of sharing; profound astrologically.
    your art work is stunning and inspirational. Im so delighted to hear your music as well!
    your bold expression in the form of channeling is brilliant. So very loving and courageous of you! thank you
    Big happy hugs and heaps of thank yous.

  2. Linda

    Thank you for all of your words of wisdom. I am a Cancer and right now very emotional over my husband’s condition. I appreciate your energy, smile and thoughts. Bless you with much light and many hugs!

  3. Kathryn Lee

    Wow, thank you Barbara
    Just listened to my horoscope for August. I have to say, you could not be more spot on regarding my health issues (which are coming to a head regarding diagnosis) and legal issues, which I am on with at the moment. Putting my house in order before major surgery later in this year. Wow, Iā€™m blown away with how accurate it is. Thank you šŸ™

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