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  1. Elizabeth

    Hello darling Barbara, what a delightful messenger you are. I have really enjoyed discovering my August forecast, mine as well as my family’s. I love your unique and compassionate delivery. You have such an available generosity of spirit that makes one feel like you are speaking right to the individual. What a gift, on so many levels. You are such a gem. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us . Bless you richly.. E.

  2. Pianoshay

    I’m looking forward to discovering what I may do to produce extra income for myself aand expanding my social contacts. Always appreciate your observations for the month. Sitting or standing, I enjoy listening to you. Most important the YOU be comfortable!

  3. Deborah

    Dear Barbara, thank you so much for another inspiring reading, i am loving the new format! So pleased the Aquarius new moon encompasses all things environmental, I am an avid RSPCA volunteer and PETA supporter so I’m wishing for everyone to have a conscious. I always enjoy and look forward to your videos, there is always a lesson or thought to be provoked in your content… Kindest thoughts,

  4. Lucille

    Thank you Barbara you r amazing and enjoy your videos sitting is wonderful and hope it is better for u I listen to my four children’s horoscope and it helps me to give them the advise and good fortune that is coming there way it gives them great hope for planning the month .they r all enterpenurs and this month will give them what they need to expand there busines you are so enlightening. Once again thank you.

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