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  1. Adele Thorne

    My 70 birthday is coming up on June 30 and I would like a reading. It is a gift to myself. I have a strong Pleadian connection. If I do a 45 minute reading would that include any one to one conversation? I would like some channeling with Pleadians as to who I am and the next step. I want to know clearly what my purpose is as I feel an urgency and I want to be in my full power. I also have some relationship questions . Do I need to have their birth times as well? I would like a recording so I can listen to it again.
    I just connected with you recently as I have been following Pam for about a year now. She introduced me to you.
    What type of reading would be best?

    • Bracha Goldsmith

      Hello dear Adele,
      Thank you very much for your interest in having a personal reading for your 70th birthday.

      The reading is in person either on Zoom or on the phone.
      I can do astrology and Pleiadian channeling for you. I also record the session and send
      you the audio file via email afterwards.
      If you would please send me an email: bg29070@gmail.com
      I can give you more information.
      I look forward to hearing from you!
      Warm wishes,

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