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  1. jill

    Just want to say that what ever is happening to make the last few weeks difficult – you are an amazingly gifted lady and I am so grateful for the information you post free. I find it so accurate and therefore life enhancing. Bless you Barbera and hope you are being held and nurtured during these crazy times. I will book a reading with you soon. J

      • Sharon

        I concur completely with Jill that you are definitely a gifted guide who offers clear interpretation of the planetary influences that may play out for us. You always pinpoint the specific energies to give voice to what I’ve been sensing has been or now is happening in my life (a cusp Cancerian 22 June). So thank you so much for giving so much. Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope when life deals you a jolt, and even a major one as it did recently. We love you – Namaste, Barbara.

  2. Tineke

    Dear Barbara,
    Thank you for shining a light upon these confusing times. I am a cardinal sign also, so feeling and seeing it all happen in the areas you’ve been pointing at. Thank you for posting considering you going through a roller coaster yourself, thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you a beautiful and strong “come back!”

  3. doreen

    Barbara – so sorry to hear of this ‘bolt from the blue’ and done in such an unfeeling way
    I have Cancer rising and have had a difficult last few years with relationships so I do feel your pain – as Cancers we feel disappointments very deeply but to have such a long relationship suddenly end must have devastated you – I hope you are able to grieve and move on and find what you need – I do love your video readings, they are done in such a straightforward way – I am glad you have felt able to carry on with something you love doing – dee

  4. Anjelica

    Hi Barbara, life is odd isn’t, people come and go, leave footprints or scars but for whatever reason, they were meant to be there at the time they were and also leave at the time they chose to. I wish you the best as you are the best ☺️. Lots of love and positive vibes, Anjelica/Cancerian

  5. Valorie

    Barbara thank you for sharing your journey. I too had someone resently walk out of my life after 18 years. There have been many days that i have tried to make sence of it. Thank you for sharing how you are going forward. The things that you have learned. I can now put one step in front of the other knowing that my future will be brighter.

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