3 Responses to Cancer May 2016 Horoscope

  1. Sheila

    Barbara this is such a lovely gift for exactly what is needed next!
    Also, thank you for the reminder to rest & that it is perfectly ok, not lazy, to do so…

    Thank you again for your support & sharing your insights with all of us!

    Sheila cancer sun & moon

  2. Jeff

    I stumbled upon you on You Tube where you discussed Prince’s Astrology Chart, then I came here. Being a Cancer, when I saw the video, I clicked on it. I would really love to get a reading from you, but 75 pounds is like $150.00 here and I just cannot afford that, sadly.

    I am fascinated with what you do and will hopefully be able to afford a reading at some point. If you only knew what I’ve been through…

    Anyway, you take care!!!


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