10 Responses to Capricorn April 2015

  1. Kim

    Dear Barbara,
    I am listening to you sin I found your video of January 2015. And you are so much inspiring :))) As a miss Capricorn /Aries, dealing sometime with ups and down, you help me see the light at the end of a long journey.

    Keep up your wonderful work. You are helping a lot and lots of people.

    Happy Easter and joy, happiness, love to you:)
    Kim xxxx

  2. Mari

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the wonderful readings. I have been a follower for years now, and I so look forward to seeing your smiling face each month. You are absolutely adorable! Wishing you abundance and many blessings!
    Bye for now

  3. Laura D.

    Thank you for such positive news, I am certainly going through a profound spiritual change (really searching for my soul), meditation helps so much. Barbara it’s so good to see you looking better, I was concerned with your weight loss in your videos a few months ago. Keep up the good work. By the way! what sign are you?

  4. ED

    I had to come here to validate the April forecast-specifically the first week. Granted, I had spent most of March trying to sort some stuff out, but some of the things you referenced finally came together on 4/8. So there you go Ms. Barbara. Good work!

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