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  1. Janice Smith

    hi Barbara yes my property had to have trees out and a new fence.. so I am moving things around lol.. got rid of stuff and a business so clearing the shed out.. need to get out and meet new people.. life is too lonely on your own.. so jupiter in sag is definately pushing me into more spiritual matters.. been on hold too long blessings from New Zealand where we have the best prime minister in the world peace reigns and guns handed in…

  2. Janice Smith

    also made a wee buddha garden out the front of my house. all nice and peaceful and people have said my house has a spiritual feel to it so nice.. that is what I want.

  3. Rose

    Hi Barbara
    I’ve been following you for a while now. I’m really going to pay attention this month on your prediction because everything you suggested is what I want. Thank you

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