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  1. Elizabeth

    Dear Barb, my daughter is a Capricorn. What a huge brave hard path she walks.
    I know that the good news for August will be a welcome message of some relief.
    As I hear my sons, Scorpio and this one and my own Cancer, all so very different and so lovingly shared by you., I know now how our strengths in the coming month will help each other through. Thank you ever so.

  2. Nargii

    I enjoy your forecasts as they are short and concise. As a Capricorn I appreciate this. I like things in an “outline” form.
    I found your site 2 months ago and will look to you in the future.
    Thank you.

  3. Kholoud fattah

    So am a 29th December Capricorn and hell yeah i can see the change in everything , even some of relationships are ending but am not feeling sorry for it I feel greattt in every way and Uranus is really helping me with new sport and creative things and a new relationships too 😁

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