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  1. Betty

    Hello Barbara,
    I’m Capricorn, with Moon in Taurus, Libra rising…
    Its been 10+ years now, As I review all 3 signs this month, I want you to know that it’s all about to follow suit of My Life, such as Pending Divorce, Money New Home sell out estate, Most of all about Family…the Root of Things happening with family.
    I’m just so long over due for a New Start in Life, &”Spiritual Growth” for me.
    ” I know My Dessert is Coming, I can wait” aka All In God’s timing! Amen!
    I’m have been praying daily for years, Asking for the long over due, Release of this pending divorce, So I may finally sell the Estate, and have the money to move out of State and to start My New Life..Simply to Be Happy Again…
    Much Love & Gratitude,

  2. Diane

    Thank you Barbara. I so enjoy your energy, your spirit and your intense shining bright light you share with us all! Blessings to you on this holiday season filled with family, friends, health, wealth and peace, joy and much love!

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